reasons Why You need to Never use Super glue on Fake Nails

Super Glue have to never be offered to adhesive your press on nails or Fake Nails. At sight Glue wasn’t made to be used on your body and it can be really harsh top top your organic nails which have the right to lead to them gift damaged.

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This is why many brands the super adhesive come through a warning top top its label to not usage it on her skin or body.

Why You have to Never usage Super adhesive on her Nails

Damages Your natural NailsNot made to be supplied on her bodyNot as resilient as nail GlueThere are better and more secure alternatives

1- loss Your pond

Super Glue loss your natural nails in 2 ways:

1- most brands of super adhesive contain etching agents which are included to the adhesive to break or roughen up the surface that the glue is supplied on.

You see super glue works ideal on rough surfaces which is why they add etching agents to make the Super adhesive work an ext effectively.

But what this method is that if you usage super glue on your nails the etching agent will certainly degrade the peak layer of her nails which will certainly leave your nails exposed and an ext weak.

2- at sight Glue can be very hard to remove particularly when that is just applied and also if you remove them incorrectly you bear the hazard of severely damaging your nails.

In the quick term, super glue have the right to be an extremely potent do it exceptionally hard come come off. This deserve to make the remove process daunting and tedious. And in many cases, you might have to soak her nails for a an extensive period of time in acetone which deserve to severely dehydrate your nails and cuticles.

And if you nothing soak your nails long enough I have even heard story of people actually losing a nail during the remove process.

Tips if You execute Use Super adhesive

Now even though ns don’t recommend using super glue there space some hacking that you deserve to use to alleviate the amount of damage that your nails incur.

If you usage super glue for her Fake or push on pond wait at least a pair of days prior to removing them. Try your ideal not to eliminate them also soon. You check out Super adhesive is very strong in the quick term but over time as it is exposed to moisture it loser its effectiveness.Apply 2 coats the a clear basic coat over her nails before applying the super adhesive – this will certainly make the removal procedure easier and reduce the damages that your nails will incur. You see the basic coat acts as a buffer protecting your nails.

2- no Made come Be provided on the Body

Super glue no made to be provided on her body and most manufacturers usually have warnings put on the labels to desist versus this.

This is because Super adhesive :

Is so focused that if that goes on her skin favor your cuticles or pond bed that can cause dermatitis or skin irritation.Added to the super adhesive isn’t produced in sterile problems like nail glue or clinical grade supervisor glue. This have the right to potentially cause harmful chemicals getting mixed within the glue which can be absorbed into her body.

3- no as sturdy as pond Glue

Is nail Glue the same as Super adhesive

Even though nail Glue and Super Glue usage the same main ingredient i beg your pardon is cyanoacrylate they space not the same.

Nail glue has lower concentrations the cyanoacrylate and contains additives the make the last much longer than just consistent super glue.

These additives enable nail adhesive to:

Handle humidity betterBe much more flexible compared to at sight Glue, this renders it less brittle.Prevent skin irritation if it goes on your skin.

Super Glue meanwhile contains greater levels that cyanoacrylate and contains etching agents both of which will damages your nails.

Super adhesive Vs nail Glue

Nail GlueSuper Glue
DurabilityNail Glue often tends to last longer – yet this will differ with various brandsSuper Glue tends to conveniently weaken over time when exposed to humidity – will vary with different brands
Effect on your NailsOnce removed properly it won’t damage your nailsWeaken and also removes the top layer of her nails.
PriceMore costlyCheaper
Ingredients UsedContains additives that make it milder and safer for her skinContains a greater concentration the cyanoacrylate.

4- Better and also Safer Alternatives

One that the key reasons why shouldn’t use Super adhesive is the they are other safer and better alternatives the won’t damages your nails.

Most various other nail techs recommend the you use either pond glue or an ext gentle adhesives.

Important Note

Not every brands of nail glue are the same, part cheap brands just package consistent super glue as nail glue. Therefore you have to stick with renowned reliable brands.

I highly recommend nail Bond they are a bit an ext expensive yet they are extremely effective, you can click here to view the price because that a bottle on Amazon.

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Now if you space interested in other techniques that you have the right to use come glue her Fake or push on nails you have the right to click right here to check out my post on the best options to nail glue.