instruct united state to location our pets right into a white pillow case, tie the finish off and launder the in the washing an equipment using cold water ~ above the gentle cycle. It also states the “All Pillow Pets assets require the same care.” This is incorrect – perform not launder Pillow Pets that contain electronics using this method or they will certainly break. Fragrant pets deserve to be laundered this way, yet it will eliminate the scent.

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The following instructions will explain how to safely wash the various Pillow pet products.

Washing instructions for continual Pillow Pets

This an approach is for sure for all non-electronic, non-scented pillow pets. At the moment of this writing, these include Pillow Pets, Pillow pets XL, Jumboz, and also Body Pillars. Us recommend monthly cleaning because that stuffed pets that room favorites the our small ones.

In addition to consistent washing, continual vacuuming of your pillow pet can keep that cleaner longer.Pretreat any kind of spots with a stain stick or your consistent pre-treating methods.Inspect the toy for split seams or other damages that could worsen in the washing maker and repair.Place the pet within a zippered mesh bag, or tie it turn off in a white pillow instance (white to stop dye transfer).Launder in your washing device using cold water top top the tenderness cycle. Incorporate other clothing or towels to balance out the load.If you would favor not come use continual detergent, you deserve to substitute 2 cups of vinegar and also 1 cup of baking soda.

Washing indict for digital Pillow Pets

At the time of this writing, electronic pillow pets encompass Glow Pets and Dream Lites. This cannot be washing in the washing an equipment or submerged in water.

Begin by completely vacuuming the stuffed pet to remove as lot soil together is possible.Fill a huge bowl or bucket with among the following:Your favourite upholstery cleanerWoolite and waterYour continuous laundry detergent and also waterAgitate the cleaning equipment until you have a ton that suds sit on the top.Using a sponge or urgent terrycloth towel, sponge a tiny amount of suds only (don’t submerge it!) ~ above the soiled areas, tenderness rub and then instantly wipe that off v a clean, dry towel. Use as small of the suds as is feasible to prevent the soap and also dirt indigenous wicking deeper right into the toy.Moisten an additional sponge or towel v clean water and also and repeat the above procedure to rinse out the soap you’ve simply applied.Dry automatically as finest as you have the right to using a clean, dry towel. Rub through the nap the the fur. If you have a wet/dry vac (also known as a shop-vac), this deserve to be used to suck many of the humidity out.Set the animal someplace well ventilated to dry.When totally dry, run a soft brush or comb over it to fluff it ago up.

Dry Washing a Pillow Pet

Here is a technique that deserve to be used for every pillow pets, digital or not.

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Place her pillow pet into a plastic rubbish bag, and add 1-3 cup of baking soda or corn starch (Larger pillow pets = an ext powder)Shake the bag vigorously to totally cover the toy v the powder.Let that sit overnight to permit the baking soda or corn strength time to absorb oils and also soil.Remove the corn strength or baking soda by first brushing and also beating as lot out together is possible, and then finish by vacuuming out the rest. Big amounts the corn starch or baking soda can damage your vacuum, so don’t skip the first part that the step.


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