Check writing has actually been a secure kind of payment because that decades. Yet, with more payment species than ever, is that a payment method of a bygone era?

If you’re under the impression that just your grandparents still create checks, think again. In fact, follow to one study, 42% that millennials still write checks (that’s an ext than very own a video game console, by the way). And also some enterprise still just accept checks – landlords, because that example.

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At part point, friend will likely need to write a check. It’s necessary to know how to create a check safely, not only to have actually a bank honor the inspect without concern but also for protection reasons. 

Why It’s necessary to compose a examine Safely

Once you have written a check and also handed the over, several world will most likely handle the inspect along its means to being deposited. A check can contain quite a few personal details, favor your account number, address, and more. Consider limiting the number of checks you write and writing them just to people and organizations girlfriend know and trust. Because that the times that you do must write a check, follow the advice below. 


Step-by-Step guide to writing a Check

Now that you recognize why it’s necessary to create a examine safely, what is the correct way ? We’ve noted a step-by-step breakdown.

Step 1: Date

The dateline is discovered on the peak right-hand corner of the check. Many likely, friend will desire to create the current day’s date. Law so help you keep an accurate record. The date may seem like a simple matter, yet there space a few things come watch the end for.

Step 2: Payee

Under the surname and deal with information top top a check, girlfriend will find “Pay come the stimulate of.” This is whereby you will certainly write the end the surname of the human or the organization you room writing the check to. It’s vital that this line is specific so that the payee can procedure it with their bank. Girlfriend don’t want to leave this line blank – if you aren’t certain who to do it out to, simply ask. 

Step 3: quantity (Numeric)

You will find a box where you will certainly write the lot the inspect is for to the right of the payee line. As soon as you enter the numeric amount in the box, try to make the an initial number as close come the left next of package as friend can. This will aid prevent someone from entering an additional number in front, making the quantity larger. This is likewise a heat you want to complete prior to a examine leaves your regulate – if you perform not fill the end the lot yourself, someone might take the check and fill out every little thing amount castle want.

Step 4: amount (Written Out)

Below the payee and amount box, girlfriend will discover a line where you write out the full amount the the check, making use of words rather of numbers. Here are a couple of tips to make sure this heat is accurate, simple to read:

● prefer in the numeric quantity box, make certain this heat is complete prior to the check leaves her control.● speak the amount the end loud as you create it. It may feel odd, yet we will write what us say, i beg your pardon makes quantities like one thousand, one hundred, and also twenty-two easier to gain right.● usage hyphens so the the lot is review properly.● use fractions for the cents. Because that example, if you need to write a examine for $234.22, you will certainly write out: 2 hundred thirty-four dollars and 22/100.● after you have actually written the amount, if there is added empty space, attract a line to the end. This will prevent adding additional numbers.● create the quantity in funding letters.

Step 5: Signature

The bottom right-hand side of your examine contains the signature line. Your check will not be precious without a signature, so this is a an important step to complete. Sign the inspect legibly and use the exact same name as what is on paper at your bank.

Step 6: Memo

The memo line is on the bottom left-hand next of her check. The memo line is whereby you can encompass a note. The memo line is an optional step. The is, however, a great place to compose a reminder to you yourself on what the inspect is for. The is additionally a good place to use an account number or other certain details if you space paying a bill.

Step 7: record the Check

This last step is no completed ~ above the check but rather in your digital or record register. Compose down the inspect number, amount, the payee, and also the date. This will assist you recognize what is reserved to come out of your account. That is also helpful to reference as soon as the examine has clearing to make sure it to be cashed for the amount friend wrote.


Additional security Tips

There space a couple of additional ways to make sure you room safely completing your check.

If possible, invest in checks v carbon copies. The will aid you review what you created on the inspect if a transaction on your account no look right.Don’t compose checks payable to cash. As soon as you do this, you lose regulate over who cashes the check, which have the right to be poor if the inspect is lost or stolen. In this day and age, there are a lot of of choices to obtain cash – because that example, girlfriend can acquire cash from an ATM, get cash back from a debit map purchase, or get in the bank and also talk come the novelist – so creating checks come cash is mostly unnecessary.Don’t save your checkbook in a purse, bag, or car. Keep it in a safe and also secure location.

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Writing checks might no much longer be an daily occurrence, but it is i can not qualify you will go with life without ever needing one. Knowing how to write a examine in the right means may make her life easier, and also it can assist keep your bank account safe.