I have a town near mine base and also to make sure zombies don"t break into the houses, I placed a block in front of every of the doors. However I"m not certain if that stays clear of baby villagers native breaking under the door or not. If over there is just one block in prior of the door, walk it protect against baby zombies from breaking down doors? and does it matter if the block is in former of the peak or bottom part of the door? Also, does the orientation of the door affect whether or not they deserve to break the door down?


To mine knowledge, infant zombies can"t break doors at all. I simply tested having one aggro a villager with a wood door, and also the infant zombie did not break the door.

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If you"d favor to check it yourself, go into creative and test it using " /summon Zombie ~ ~ ~ IsBaby:1 " (The ~"s denote your present x,y, and z coordinates). Put him outside an enclosed building with a door, that has a villager in it.


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