When your car’s battery starts to fail, it’s just a matter of time prior to it pipeline you stranded. Thankfully, you deserve to watch because that the signs and also get a replacement before that happens. But very first and foremost, you need to recognize which battery to buy.

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What’s the best battery because that the 2002 Honda Accord?

With the 2.3L four-cylinder engine, the 2002 Honda Accord provides a group size 35 sealed lead-acid battery. The V6-equipped models require the group size 24 sealed battery instead. Absorbent glass mat (AGM) and Optima battery are likewise an option.


When going come buy a battery for her Honda, it’s important to figure out how to discover the an extremely best one. Thankfully, you can learn just exactly how to carry out that by reading through this informative guide.

Battery team Sizes Explained

Thanks to battery team sizes, you just need to zero in on the recommended dimension to uncover a suitable replacement. Overall, the group size identify the outer dimensions, strength rating, and also terminal placement.

When it comes to the 2002 Accord, you need either the 35 or 24 team size. The 35 is supplied for the 2.3L four-cylinder engines. The 3.0L V6 uses team 24 instead.

Group 35 batteries are approximately 9 inches long, 7 inch wide, and virtually 9 inches tall. Lock have between 620 and 900 cold-cranking amps. Your reserve capacity may selection from 40 to 65 amp hours across most brands. Their reserve capacity is about 90 to 130 minutes.

Group 24 batteries are a bit different at 10 inches long, 7 inches wide, and 9 inch tall. Their cold-cranking amps variety from 500 to 840. The capacity is at about 80 amp hours, if the reserve capacity is between 140 come 180 minutes. Group 34 battery can often be used rather if girlfriend cannot find a 24.

Lead-Acid, Lithium-Ion, or SLI?

Across every trim levels, the 2002 Honda Accord came with a sealed lead-acid battery native the factory. This batteries room the same as submarine ones, other than you don’t need to refill their water. They space still vulnerable to emerging corrosion top top the terminals, so they room not 100% maintain free.


You can uncover replacement battery in the absorbent glass mat style. AGM battery are finest for cars upgraded with aftermarket engine parts or sound systems. They are also a great choice if you desire to skip the maintain altogether.

Optima batteries are accessible in both the 35 and also 24 team sizes as well. They room a fantastic option for those who want a high-performance sealed battery v a track document of excellence.

OEM vs. Aftermarket: what’s the Difference?

As through all your models, Honda equipped their 2002 Accord through their OEM battery indigenous the factory. These Honda-branded batteries were the only approved replacement because that cars under warranty.

Once that coverage is up, however, girlfriend can easily switch to a different type. You have many aftermarket brand to select from, consisting of ACDelco, Duralast, and Interstate.

When you go through an aftermarket battery, you are providing up Honda’s excellent warranty coverage on their batteries. V OEM, you obtain a 100-month warranty the comes with complimentary replacement in the first three years. It is 36 month of protection that ensures that if her battery fails, friend can get a new one cost-free of charge.

Aftermarket batteries tend to come v up to 3 years of straightforward coverage. If the battery goes negative in that time, you have the right to only get its price prorated for a refund. Then, girlfriend can apply that refund come the price of a instead of battery.

Want to Go with an Aftermarket Battery? this is What come Look For

OEM Honda battery go big on the warranty coverage. Unfortunately, they have actually the price come match. If you cannot justify paying that lot for a battery, climate you’ll should go v an aftermarket version instead.

Thankfully, you have actually a lot of of good choices in the aftermarket parts world. You deserve to look in ~ the cold-cranking amps, capacity, and reserve volume to compare each option. Also, reflect ~ above the demands of her vehicle and your preferences as soon as it concerns maintenance to find the best one.

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With all the in mind, remember come think about the call of your parts retailer as well. You don’t desire to have any kind of problems through them honoring your warranty coverage if your battery prematurely fails, after ~ all. So, go with a retailer you deserve to trust to understand you’ll it is in taken treatment of if anything go wrong.