American warm Rod is a TV series of the learning Channel / discovery Networks, which reflects the construction and also adjustment that various warm Rods and their own innovations in the workshop that Boyd Coddington in La Habra, California. Spectators watch his employees while trying come timely complete the cars usually very tight deadline. The present is likewise known because that the regular terminations. ~ above 27 February 2008 Boyd Coddington passed away at the period of 63 after a lengthy illness and multiple hospitalizations.

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Dismissed or deceased workshop staff

The first, which to be dismissed, to be Chad " Bluebear " Geary ( production / manufacturing). He to be fired during the manufacturing of the " Rat pole " since he had actually repeatedly defied the accuse of the owner that Boyd Coddington.

On January 21, 2005 ( episode 23 ) left the head the the paint shop, Charley Hutton, Boyd Coddington"s company to zb designer and competitor Chip Foose to work for Boyd as a painter. He went due to the fact that he always went to the brief deadlines top top the nerves and he lastly wanted to develop as quite as feasible and not as soon as possible a car.

Shortly after leaving thomas Loddby (manufacture) the agency to start his very own shipping company. Later, Thomas went back to Boyd.

Al Simon additionally left the company after Rat stick project, but still returned.

Mike Curtis was fired due to the fact that he was suspected to have Chip Foose designed wheels because that the agency PC throughout working hours. Meanwhile, Mike Curtis is at Foose chip.

After all these incidents, the team to be understaffed. On 16 October 2005, the 64 years -old steel worker Roy Schmidt passed away after a long fight with lung cancer. Now Lee needs to do that work.

In the project of the " impala 61 Bubbletop " Brad Johnston left the firm because there were inconsistencies v Duane and also Boyd since of the work case in the company.

Scott Parker likewise spoke his dismissal throughout the " 61 Impala Bubbletop " project, but promised Boyd still end up the car, and started after ~ a break also with Chip Foose on.

" Beatle Bailey ," which is to say actual name is Andrew, leaves as provisional freshly the firm and likewise starts through Chip Foose.

Season 1: (2004)

Death by Boyd Coddington in February 2008

In January 2008, Boyd Coddington was admitted after ~ a fall at his house in the Presbyterian Hospital. The physicians expected a full recovery. Therefore, ~ a few days was the discharge from the hospital. A quick time later on Boyd Coddington to be readmitted come the hospital, where he passed away on 27 February 2008 at the age of 63 years. The exact reason of fatality is right now unknown. The is assumed the it was due to his diabetes ~ the last surgical procedure, complications. The funeral took location on 5 march 2008 in La Habra, California organized at rose Hills Memorial Park.

What taken place next?

His mam Jo an initial tried to get the firm so, however was overwhelmed v the situation. The workshop to be concluded ~ above 20 June 2008 and also approved vehicles is currently under construction. Boyd Coddington Jr. And also Chris Coddington opened up a shop because that rims to the success of she father come continue.

After the closure the the firm Dan Sobieski has opened his own workshop ~ above 1 July 2008 and took over many of the workshop staff and also some vehicles under construction.

Duane Mayer and also Bernt " Burt " Karlsson functioned briefly because that West shore Customs and later opened her own company, American hot Rods Inc.

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Charley Hutton functioned for Foose, also appeared on the present Overhaulin ". Opened after Charley Hutton"s shade Studio.