The 27-year-old country singer, Chelsea Bain is the daughter of Clint black and also Renee Lynn Bain. Father, Clint black color is one American nation music singer and is the husband the actress, Lisa Hartman Black.

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The talented performer and female racer in ~ NASCAR, Chelsea prospered up in cowboy culture and has a distinctive love for nation music. Likewise, the Phoenix, Arizona born Chelsea is a vocalist and also songwriter renowned for her hits like Drinkin’ Alone, I Don’t desire To, James Dean, and also so on.

Parents Clint Black and Renee Lynn Bain


Chelsea Bain is the lovechild that the famous nation singer, Clint Black, and also Renee Lynn Bain. Image source: Pinterest

Chelsea Bain is the mystery love child of famous nation singer and songwriter, Clint Black and his fling Renee Lynn Bain. The identity of Bain was no disclosed till Chelsea to be 5-years-old. Moreover, Chelsea’s name and gender were covert with a signed covenant with Renee. However, in 1995, the nation star, black complained in Phoenix court the Renee talked to The Globe and violated your contract.

Black who was married to actress Lisa Hartman acknowledged paternity. Likewise, Clint agreed come pay child support and health insurance allowance and set up a money for the youngster’s education, follow to Black’s attorney. Clint had his attorneys document the complaint because Renee was questioning for one outlandish lot of money. However, the demanded lot of money has not been disclosed.


The famous country singer, Clint Black through wife, Lisa, and also daughters, Lily Pearl and also Chelsea Bain. Image source: Pinterest

The nation singer, Chelsea was born in the same year Clint married his soulmate, Lisa Hartman Black. The lovebirds room still together despite having difficulties and also scandals in the past about their an individual lives. Furthermore, Clint sued his fling, Renee, due to the fact that she damaged the agreement and went public v their child. As well as that, Clint and also Lisa re-superstructure a beautiful daughter, Lily Pearl.

Career and Songs

The illegitimate daughter of nation singer, Chelsea Bain has complied with up her father’s path to come to be a nation singer and also a songwriter. The co-writer of Bain’s brand-new extended play “Just In Time“, Bain is additionally a performer. According to Bain, the previous experiences and also struggles have shaped her right into the musician she is today.

Chelsea started her musical job after relocating to the house of nation music, Nashville, when she was just 18 years old. Bain explains her music together a mixture the rock, pop, and also country combined. The loud and enthusiastic former performer of NASCAR, Chelsea has various supervisor hit song including-

Why Don’t YouJadedKeeping Up v MeDrinking AloneWe Can’t be Friends AnymoreI Don’t desire ToMedicate, and also so on.

Furthermore, once it concerns Chelsea’s musical career, she aspires to affix people and impact their emotions. Likewise, she believes she live reflects are the expansion of she personality and also thinks she is suffering the same feelings v her fans.

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Although enjoying a robust career, Chelsea doesn’t seem to have plans to acquire into a relationship. She shares several images of it s her on Instagram yet never expose her connection status.