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It"s different for the various bolts. Tighten them all as lot as you deserve to by hand. Climate tighten the center section. Then go back and forth far from the center. One collection of 2 on the left of the facility bolts, then the right, and back and forth till you"ve reached the end. The rear of the cover is 106 in-lbs, come engine and also front cover is 18 ft-lbs and also the bolts come the bell housing, bolts come the transmission and converter cover space 37 ft-lbs.
So ns think I got it. I looked at it today. The long skinny bolts in the rear room 106 in/lbs.The 2 bolts in the front cover (through the oil pan) are 18 ft/lbs.the bolts with the pan into the iron block space 37 ft/lbs.Is this correct? Seems choose a many on the facility bolts, just want to make sure.LK

I just use the "tighten the crap outta em, however not also tight" method. I likewise put part rtv gasket machine on it too.
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I simply use the "tighten the fuck outta em, yet not also tight" method. I likewise put some rtv gasket maker on that too.

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Yes, grasshopper. I too learned the after the lefty loosy, righty tighty technique.:ninja: and also RTV is good. Probaly use it to help hold the gasket on together you placed the pan back on and ensure a good seal. Don"t walk nuts with it, though.
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