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Michael's main School~ Winterbourne, England ~Wyedean School and College~ Church Cottage, Tutshill ~University the Exeter~ Exeter, Devon, England | BA | 1986 ~loved studyingFrenchClassicsCharles Dickens, J.R.R. Tolkien + woman Austendivorced fromJorge Arantes~ a tv journalist she met while functioning in Portugal | married 1992 - 1995 ~married toNeil Michael Murray~ an anesthetist | married 2001 - this particular day ~mother of2 daughters | Jessica Isabel Rowling Arantes + Mackenzie Jean Rowling Murray1 child | David Gordon Rowling Murrayadvocate forThe UK labor Partysupport because that single-parent householdsanti-poverty and childhood welfare~ established her own organization, Lumos, to fight the institutionalization the disadvantaged youngsters ~Multiple Sclerosis culture of an excellent Britaintweets