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DISCLAIMER: This wheel is not affiliated through FCA us LLC in any method or form. The state "Chrysler", "Jeep", "Dodge" and also "RAM" are supplied for fitment and descriptive purposes only. O. E. Wheel Distributors, LLC claims that our usage of FCA united state LLC trademarked state in our product explanation constitute same use and also nominative use and is in no method to offer confusion the O. E. Wheel Distributor"s products and FCA us LLC assets are connected or your companies.


will NOT FIT: AWD models. 300C models might require 5mm spacer. Fitment is no guaranteed for vehicles equipped with upgraded or modified brakes, suspension or drive train.

22-inch Rims for Chrysler 300 SRT CL02 22x9 Satin black color Wheels SET.

22" Fits Chrysler - CL 300 SRT layout Replica wheels - Satin black 22x9 set

Item IDSET-CL02-22090-5115-18B1
Wheel Size22x9
Wheel Offset18
Bolt Pattern5-115
Hub Size71.5
Back Spacing5.71
Center CapsCenter cap included, Original center cap will interchange

Satin black color Rim: The finish on this wheel is achieved through several various phases. The finishing process begins v the application of a black powder cloak foundation. Two layers of non-gloss clean coat room then applied, offering a smooth satin appearance and offering fantastic protection come the powder coat.

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Standard Wheel vouch - us guarantee this rim versus all manufacturer"s defects for one complete year. We also administer a lifetime structural warranty and a one year warranty on the finish, providing the wheel has actually been properly maintained. Every OE Wheels room TUV, JWL, VIA, SAE or period approved and also guaranteed to it is in straight and also true. Please describe our terms & conditions for finish warranty details.
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these wheels are specifically what girlfriend think. They come in a fashionable manner through no problems. No beaten box or deformed rims. Great job OEWheels!