Ok, some time ago (can’t discover the thread) someone posted just how to do rings indigenous an north toilet record roll. Reduced apx .5’ come .75” broad and tape-recorded into provided internal diameters, in other words 5.00”, 5.25”, 5.50” excetera. Well, everyone has constantly stated the a TP pipe was 5.50” inches. NO….The outside measures 5.375 and also the inside diameter (the crucial measurement) measures simply over 5.125”. Expect this doesn’t bum anyone out yet I uncover it important. BTW, the ring idea is tho a good one. I find the easiest method to measure up Id is to take it a sheet of file and note the dimensions down the middle. Roll up the sheet and unroll it within a ring come measure. Easy. Accurate. BTW, I began at just under 4.5” girth and also used come look prefer the ringer in a bell in a TP tube. I newly started law ULI’s and also now after ~ exercise deserve to all however fill one. Not large by any type of stretch but for me… Great!

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Umm ns dont think thats ideal

I measured, and also have constantly measured them in ~ 5.5 and also the actual roll is so thin that i doubt you’re walking to acquire the .25 difference in between the inside and also outer diameter the you talk about….if that was the instance that would mean the roll is virtually a quarter of an inch thick!bbsi really dont know exactly how you’re measuring….i always get 5.5
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"Girth measure Thread"

NotEnough, The “girth measuring” subject you’re introduce to is at:Measure GIRTH v EASE/ACCURACY My certain toilet file roll once cut and also rolled out measured in ~ 5.25 inches. Because there is no international standard for role circumference, everyone need to measure their own prior to using it together some sort of girth conventional for security their dimension accurately.Peforeal

GUysThere are various sizes, I know the one’s at occupational are bigger 보다 the house ones. I discovered this slim plastic pipe that’s 6.5 inches roughly and always said the perfect size would be no to be able to fit in the tube, fine I now can’t to the right in the tube once I’m fluffed “not totally erect”. When I’m completely erect ns fit in since my girth goes down to 6. So I’m hoping the this way my erect girth gains are coming. Dino }:) ~
Well, i think that is an extremely fair to say that different manufacturers could make various sized rolls. Same enough. That stated the suggestion above is very good, measure your role if you intend to usage it as a rule. I usage Charmin (if the matters). This is a really popular USA brand. The vital measurement is within Diameter (I.D.) The ONLY way to measure up this accurately is to use a item of paper rolled up and marked.

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Why couldn’t you just determine the width of the cardboard top top the toilet file tube (use a micrometer perhaps?), measure up the outside, and also using some an easy math extrapolate the inside diameter?’