Clerke revolver by TechnicorpI suppose If you have come across this article its due to the fact that one of these weapons came right into your possession .

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They room a neat little gun and are glowing as deserve to be .


The Clerke pistols are interesting pieces in background , being among the very first Saturday Night Specials .

It was made in solution to a part of the Gun regulate act of 1968 recognized as the "sporting purposes" conventional for imported firearms. Because that the most component they do a perform of features , calibers and also other things they didn"t choose .


Now don"t gain me wrong there some an excellent things GCA of 1968 did however most room pretty bogus and should have actually been past government regulate .

Moving on...........

The check list prevented small ,low cost and concealable pistols that were gift imported to no longer be available . Because that the most component Domestic pistol manufactures to be pleased as the public pretty much had to to buy what lock were marketing "normally at much greater prices " .

With the void produced my the GCA of 1968 brand-new manufactures checked out opportunity and started making guns to fill the void .

There Is lots of details out there about many that the Manufactures that Saturday Night one-of-a-kind pistols and the Ring of Fire pistols too out their .

Sadly there really isn"t a entirety lot top top Clerke Technicorp in one location "guess I"m make the efforts to readjust that " .

So below Is the simple info i can find .

Clerke Technicorp

Santa Monica, CA (1971)Company later relocated to florida

Revolvers:Revolvers seem come be considered Possibly the Worst revolver ever

Caliber it seems ~ to be .32 S&W and also .22LR

Capacity 5 ring of .32 S&W 6 ring .22LR

Semi auto Pistols:

Calibers .22LR and also .380 ACP

That"s all ns know

RiflesThey exist and also some seem to go for a quite penny and were obtainable in various common calibers .

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Apparently Serial Number 1 was a yellow plated gift come the tree Manager

The Clerke 1st has a brother the Terrier one by Serrifile Inc.The Clerke first brother theSerrifile Inc.TERRIER ONE

.32 S&W cal., twin action, 2 1/4 in. Barrel, 5 shot, nickel-plated, 17 oz. Mfg. 1984-87.


Clerke Technic Corp. To Serrifle Inc. Come J.A. Clerke company ?Well to be digging on more info around the Clerke 1st pistol . Looks favor John Clerke was busy .Clerke Technic Corp. OverviewClerke Technic Corp. Filed together an short articles of organization in the State the California and also is no much longer active. This corporate entity was filed about forty-five years ago on Monday, august 14, 1972 as recorded in documents filed with California Secretary that State.Known Addresses2219 key St Santa Monica, CA 90405

Serrifile, Inc. OverviewSerrifile, Inc. Filed as an articles of incorporation in the State that California and is no much longer active. This corporate entity was filed around forty years back on Friday, respectable 26, 1977 , according to public records filed with California Secretary the State.Known AddressesPO crate 508 Littlerock, CA 93543

J. A. Clerke firm OverviewJ. A. Clerke agency filed as an write-ups of organization in the State that California and also is no longer active. This corporate reality was filed around thirty-one years back on Thursday, April 24, 1986 , follow to public documents filed through California Secretary the State.Known AddressesPO box 627 Pearblossom, CA 93553

Clerke global Arms, llc OverviewThis profile because that Clerke worldwide Arms, gmbh is located in Raton, NM.Clerke worldwide Arms, LLC sector is detailed as Mfg Misc Fabricated metal Products.Known Addresses101 Bacon St Raton, NM 87740PO crate 1464 Raton, NM 87740