The nearest airport to Boynton beach is West Palm Beach/Palm beach (PBI). However, over there are better options for gaining to Boynton Beach. Tri Rail operates a train indigenous Sheridan Street terminal to Boynton Beach station twice daily. Tickets price $5-$7 and the trip takes 57 min. Alternatively, Red Coach operates a bus from Orlando RedCoach terminal to West Palm coast every 4 hours. Tickets cost $20-$60 and also the trip takes 2h 30m.

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West Palm Beach/Palm beach (PBI)

TURNAGE BLVD in ~ PBI TRM West Palm Beach station Boynton beach
want to know around travelling come Boynton Beach, FL, USA? We have actually put together a perform of the most typically asked concerns from our individuals such as: What is the cheapest mode of transport?, What is the quickest option?, how much execute tickets normally cost? and many more.

There is widespread community transmission globally.Some travel limitations may still it is in in ar within joined States. Because that the latest travel status, please examine the main page for unified States.

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The nearest airport to Boynton coast is West Palm Beach/Palm beach (PBI) Airport i beg your pardon is 11.4 miles away. Other nearby airports incorporate Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood international (FLL) (31.9 miles), Miami (MIA) (52.4 miles) and also Ft. Myers (RSW) (105 miles).

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It takes 2h 7m to acquire from Boynton beach to ft Lauderdale-Hollywood global (FLL) Airport.

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We recommend flying to ft Lauderdale-Hollywood global (FLL) Airport, i beg your pardon is 31.9 miles far from Boynton Beach. The train via fort Lauderdale airport from ft Lauderdale-Hollywood global (FLL) to Boynton coast takes 2h 7m.

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