We are having a household reunion in Rehoboth Beach. Any type of advice on which airport to select coming indigenous Oregon?


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There is just a couple of miles difference in between using Philadelphia (PHL) or Baltimore (BWI) . To compare the 2 ..there deserve to be save on BWI for company in the West. Around 2 hrs indigenous BWI and also 2 hrs 20 mins native PHL. Both space going come have issues with traffic dependig on work of arrival.

One other possible is new Castle airplane (ILG) exterior Wilmington. Around 2 hrs drive. Frontier provides a limited schedule with Midway and also Denver.

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I've lived below for 13 years and travel frequently; I use PHL because there is a highway in between here and also there. V BWI it's a lot of ago roads. I provided to constantly do BWI, yet for out of towers, PHL is a much better choice.


Most people choose BWI or PHL. For a huge aiport, ns would pick Philadelphia. In case you room interested over there is a small airport in Salisbury, MD: Salisbury-Ocean City Wicomico local Airport SBY. It provides commuter flights.

Hope this helps.

There is additionally a small possibility that you might fly into Wilmington, Delaware (ILG). One airline -- Frontier -- offer it, very minimal service. However I know one the the non-saw destinations is Denver. That might work because that you.

What CloneJessie said. In summer months, the drive between BWI & Rehoboth (& back) is not something come look front to. And I think the drive times quoted above are sans traffic.

If you have actually folks who can gain there, Atlantic City is simply a brief drive and also ferry ride indigenous the DE beaches. There are minimal flights there, however. One more option would be Trenton, NJ. Frontier flies there as well and it is roughly the same distance together Philly.


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