Welcome to the Columbus Airport, providing Delta commercial airline service for fort Benning’s finest and also approximately 20 minutes away from the armed forces base. More than fifty percent of all brand-new Soldiers who enter the army this year will perform so right right here at fort Benning whereby training is listed for all brand-new Paratroopers, Rangers, Officer Candidates, Infantry and Armor Lieutenants, Captains and Non-commissioned Officers.

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Fort Benning contracts a number of taxi services, which room bound through regulation to keep fares reasonable top top the post. Off write-up fees space regulated by the city, so please be cautious when picking a service. Top top post, motorists will no charge because that luggage, grocery store bags or duffle bags, and there will be no charge for kids younger than 7. If friend experience problems with a taxi service, call 706-687-8021. For much more information about taxi and shuttle services, walk to benningmwr.com./taxisandshuttles.php.

Airborne Cab706-689-1556
American Cab706-494-7767
Armor Cab706-507-7433
Bravo Cab706 568-9011
City Cab Company706 653-8294
Eagle Cab706-682-9999
Elite Cab Company706 221-8899
Goldstar Cab706-562-8888
Liberty Cab706-569-9300
Patriot Cab706-687-1188
Ranger Cab706 685-1000
Recon Cab706-221-7676
Special Ops Cab706-221-1105
Warrior Cab706-327-5900
Yellow Cab706-322-1616


Rental auto Agents are located in the East and also West terminals of the Columbus Airport. Every agents provide Military benefits which may encompass discounts or waived fees. For an ext information on special army pricing please click on the desired rental car agency of your an option or speak to them directly.

Avis Car Rental 706-322-2539 / 800-331- 1212
Budget Car Rental 706-327-5501 / 800-527-7000
Enterprise Car Rental 706-322-0536 ext. 5 / 800-736-8222
Hertz Car Rental 706-324-2725 / 800-654-3131
National/Alamo Car Rental 706-322-4586 / 800-227-7368

You will have actually no problem accessing the short article by rental car, as lengthy as girlfriend can carry out a rental agreement and drivers license. Travellers in rental cars and also those who carry out not have actually a current military id are motivated to use the left-hand lanes in ~ the post accessibility control points. All passengers in your car 16 and also older should be all set to show a photograph ID. Girlfriend will go into the write-up from federal government 185 South, Benning road (just south of the national Infantry Museum) or Highway 280/27 at Harmony Church.

Please drive v caution ~ above the installation and also remember that texting or using hand-held electronic tools is strictly prohibited when driving. Slow to 10 miles every hour weekdays during Operation Slowdown, indigenous 5:30 a.m. To 7:30 a.m., as soon as Soldiers space doing PT or at any time you pass troops in formation.


New irreversible party arrivals will report come the Installation replacement Division, structure 2607, in Soldiers’ Plaza ~ above Dixie Road. This office is open 24 hrs a day, seven days a week. Below you will begin “in-processing,” which frequently takes around three days, occasionally as long as a week. The procedure includes a variety of appointments about post, to update DEERS information, enrolling in TRICARE, financial readiness and more. Please make sure you have your pcs orders, DA type 31 (leave form), personnel file and medical and dental records. Officers and NCOs will require a copy that their latest OER/NCOER or DA kind 1059. For more information around in-processing, contact 706-545-4577 or 706-545-3608.

If you room a solitary Soldier, E5 or below, you will be assigned short-lived billeting. If you space accompanied by her family, or you room a single Soldier E6 or greater, you will find lodging on Main short article or off write-up if short article lodging has actually no vacancies. Though fort Benning has actually various lodging facilities, all registration takes ar at Olson hall in building 399 on Gillespie Street. If there are no rooms available, asking the lodging clerk because that a perform of local hotels the offer government contracting rates equal or less than your day-to-day per diem. You will find information about post lodging at www.benningmwr.com/lodging.php or speak to 706-689-0067.


Graduation native the recruit’s US army training is an exhilarating experience for both the recruit and also their household & friends. The Columbus Airport deserve to send house information come your family members or friends in ~ no price to you. Graduation ceremonies are performed weekly throughout the year for various army units located at ft Benning. If friend would choose the Columbus Airport to send information residence to your household or friends in ~ no cost please click here


Newcomers Orientations– each Wednesday in ~ 9 a.m. At structure 7, 7117 Baltzell Avenue

Free kid care- call to it is registered at 706-545-0403.

Free monthly Benning Bus Tour- from 9 a.m. Come 1 p.m. The third Thursday of every month. This event has child care and also a free lunch in ~ the Benning Conference Center. Register today, as room is limited. Speak to 706-545-0403 or 706-545-8783.

Historic Benning Self-Guided tour of key Post, Calendar of events & fort Benning photo Gallery: http://www.benningmwr.com or click here http://www.benningmwr.com/documents/Tour.pdf.

Fort Benning tourism Guide and also Phone Directory: (http://virtual.mybaseguide.com/publications/g30/fort-benning/#page72

Copies of this helpful source are also available at the Columbus Airport.

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Inside, you’ll find everything you must know about arrival and in-processing, housing, healthcare and also more. You’ll additionally find practically maps of fort Benning and also each separation, personal, instance cantonment area.