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The conflict in the novelThe young in the striped Pajamasby john Boyne is that Bruno, the child of a Nazi commandant, must relocate from his beautiful residence in Berlin v his family to a house that sits outside the barbed cable fences of Auschwitz. Back the area behind the residence is...

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The dispute in the novelThe boy in the stripe Pajamasby john Boyne is that Bruno, the boy of a Nazi commandant, must relocate from his beautiful residence in Berlin v his household to a house that sits external the barbed wire fences of Auschwitz. Return the area behind the residence is off borders to Bruno, he walks the fence line and also eventually meets, Shmuel, a boy top top the various other side. Their friendship grows together they talk to every other across the fence. Both boys know they are not supposed to overcome the fence, return Bruno yes, really doesn"t recognize why. Eventually, however, Bruno go sneak end to the other side once Shmuel"s father is missing. Since his head has been shaved because of a lice infestation, Bruno watch like any type of of the other Jewish children once he has actually donned a pair of striped pajamas Shmuel carried to him. As the boys find the camp because that Shmuel"s father, the guards pressure them and the other Jews right into a group, march them into a room, and also gas them along with many other Jewish prisoners. The irony that the situation is realized near the finish of the story as soon as his father locates the clothing that Bruno had shed at the fenceline because that the gray striped pajamas.

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This dispute is multi-layered. First, Bruno"s conflict is the he doesn"t desire to move to "Out-With". This sets increase a lot bigger dispute seen with the eye of a boy - man vs. Society. The Nazi"s scapegoated, imprisoned, and killed Jews and also other "undesirables." due to the fact that the young was top top the wrong next of the fence, the was eliminated without any remorse, a realization that crushes his dad who is at some point removed from his post and also taken away by soldiers.