Enter the frequency in revolutions per minute below to get the value converted to radians per second.

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To convert a revolution per minute measurement to a radian per second measurement, multiply the frequency by the conversion ratio.

Since one revolution per minute is equal to 0.10472 radians per second, you can use this simple formula to convert:

For example, here"s how to convert 5 revolutions per minute to radians per second using the formula above.

The following formula can also be used to convert the frequency in revolutions per minute to angular frequency in radians per second:

Thus, the angular frequency in radians per second is equal to the frequency in revolutions per minute divided by 60 times 2 times pi.

Revolutions per minute and radians per second are both units used to measure frequency. Keep reading to learn more about each unit of measure.

Revolutions Per Minute

Revolutions per minute are a measure of the number of turns, or revolutions, that occur per minute.

Revolutions per minute can be abbreviated as RPM, and are also sometimes abbreviated as rev/min or r/min. For example, 1 revolution per minute can be written as 1 RPM, 1 rev/min, or 1 r/min.

Revolutions per minute can be expressed using the formula: RPM = RevolutionsTimem

Radians Per Second

Radians per second are a measure of angular frequency, or rotational speed, equal to the change in orientation or angle of an object in radians per second.

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Radians per second can be abbreviated as rad/s; for example, 1 radian per second can be written as 1 rad/s.

In formal expressions, the slash, or solidus (/), is used to separate units used to indicate division in an expression.<1>

Revolution Per Minute to Radian Per Second Conversion Table

Revolution per minute measurements converted to radians per second Revolutions Per Minute Radians Per Second
1 RPM 0.10472 rad/s
2 RPM 0.20944 rad/s
3 RPM 0.314159 rad/s
4 RPM 0.418879 rad/s
5 RPM 0.523599 rad/s
6 RPM 0.628319 rad/s
7 RPM 0.733038 rad/s
8 RPM 0.837758 rad/s
9 RPM 0.942478 rad/s
10 RPM 1.0472 rad/s
11 RPM 1.1519 rad/s
12 RPM 1.2566 rad/s
13 RPM 1.3614 rad/s
14 RPM 1.4661 rad/s
15 RPM 1.5708 rad/s
16 RPM 1.6755 rad/s
17 RPM 1.7802 rad/s
18 RPM 1.885 rad/s
19 RPM 1.9897 rad/s
20 RPM 2.0944 rad/s
21 RPM 2.1991 rad/s
22 RPM 2.3038 rad/s
23 RPM 2.4086 rad/s
24 RPM 2.5133 rad/s
25 RPM 2.618 rad/s
26 RPM 2.7227 rad/s
27 RPM 2.8274 rad/s
28 RPM 2.9322 rad/s
29 RPM 3.0369 rad/s
30 RPM 3.1416 rad/s
31 RPM 3.2463 rad/s
32 RPM 3.351 rad/s
33 RPM 3.4558 rad/s
34 RPM 3.5605 rad/s
35 RPM 3.6652 rad/s
36 RPM 3.7699 rad/s
37 RPM 3.8746 rad/s
38 RPM 3.9794 rad/s
39 RPM 4.0841 rad/s
40 RPM 4.1888 rad/s


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