Courage The Cowardly Dog: 15 Episodes That Still Give Fans The Creeps Regardless of the fact that it was targeted towards children, Cartoon Network"s Courage the Cowardly Dog still gives fans the creeps to this extremely day.

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Collage the Courage episodes King Ramses Curse, Freaky Fred, and Courage in the BIg Stinkin' City.
RELAOne of the a lot of iconic series to premiere as component of Cartoon Network"s all-star turn-of-the-century lineup, Courage the Cowardly Dog is among the a lot of beloved animated comedy-horror series of all time. Likey having actually motivated many kind of of today"s hardcore horror hounds, it"s fondly remembered by many kind of, and the display still haunts the nightmares of those that flourished up during the late 90s.

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Though lighthearted in many facets, some episodes took things a bit too much. From an unhinged barber unable to control his urge to shave both world and pets to claymation jumpscares that remain every bit as terrifying as they were 20 years back, below are fifteenager of the scariest episodes of Courage the Cowardly Dog.

Updated on July 1sixth, 2021 by Tanner Fox: Set to release in September of 2021, Straight Outta Nowhere: Scooby-Doo! Meets Courage the Cowardly Dog is set to introduce the pink pooch to an entirely new audience. Teaming up through Mystery Inc., fans can not wait to watch what kind of hijinks and also horrors the special will certainly have actually in store. While it"s unmost likely to beat the scare aspect of episodes prefer "King Ramses Curse" or "Demon In The Mattress," it proves that the social relevancy of courage will not be waning any time shortly.

Many kind of animated children"s shows played on the idea of evil and also twisted older woguys who usage crafts as an evil ploy. Courage the Cowardly Dog was no various in the episode "The Quilt Club." Elisa and also Eliza Stitch (Fram Brill) were conjoined twins that dressed choose Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family.

In fact, they usage their quilting club as a rusage to deceive womales into joining so they have the right to physically stitch their bodies to their quilt. This way, they trap their souls forever before via no method out—it"s eexceptionally child"s worst nightmare around their leastern favorite aunt.

14 "The Clutching Foot" (Seaboy 1, Episode 7)

This episode made fans afrhelp of feet for a lengthy time. Eustace wakes up one night via an odd sensation in his left foot. His foot turns out to be swollen, purple, and also with bappropriate green pimples throughout, and also, to makes matters worse, it"s prospering.

At some point, the foot fungus consumes Eustace entirety and also is now its very own living entity via a voice and all. The episode provided fans the heeby-jeebies because of exactly how gross Eustace"s foot was, in addition to the disgusting fungus gangasters.

Still from the Courage the Cowardly Dog episode The Great Fusilli.
The second fifty percent of the final episode of the initially seachild of Courage, "The Great Fusili" sees an eponymous traveling perprevious arrive in Nowhere that has the mysterious power to turn those who act in his mirrors right into puppets. Fusili conscripts Eustace and also Muriel right into his performance, effectively transforming them.

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In the finish, Fusili himself is turned into a puppet, and Courage rescues Eustace and also Muriel. However before, points finish on a grim note, as, unable to return them to their organic says, Courage should puppeteer his adoptive household in order to feign normal life.

12 "The Mask" (Seachild 4, Episode 7)

Not to be puzzled via the Jim Carry film of the very same name, "The Mask" continues to be haunting thanks to its titular character. In the episode, Courage is awoken from a nap by a mysterious and bizarre number dressed in a flowing white gvery own. What provides it creepy is the ominous mask the number wears.

The eyes on the mask starred into fans" souls and haunted their desires. The number would also repeat the mantra "dogs are evil," over and over aget. Cue the scary organ music, and also it made for a chilling episode.

Seakid 4"s "Windmill Vandals" delves into the rarely-discussed background of the Bagge family members and farm. Centuries ago, the owner of the farm angered a band also of Viking-like warriors by erecting a windmill. They sneed to ruin it, yet the farmer warded them off by carving mysterious symbols into the windmill"s chisels.

However, in the time of the episode, the windmill stops, and the now-undead vandals go back to exact vengeance. It"s approximately Courage to repair the windmill before the Bagge farm is entirely damaged.

10 "Courage In The Big Stinkin" City" (Seachild 2, Episode 2)

Who would trust a sketchy cockroach to start with? This episode effectively provided fans the creeps for many type of reasons, and also one was due to the main enemy called Schwick (Paul Schoeffler), a sleazy and evil cockroach that supplies Courage and also the household a location to continue to be.

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Words "help" that"s written out on their dust-spanned home window renders matters worse. Courage has no alternative yet to do his bidding and also opens a door to the the majority of terrifying moment of the episode. Tright here is a young girl playing the violin, but she then transforms around and morphs into a screaming and scary claymation creature.

In this episode, the Bagge household is went to by a secretive and also mysterious entity reportedly just capable of saying the expression "vehicle damaged, phone yes?" All of a sudden, the alien entity offers a long purple tentacle to go inside Eustace"s nostrils to his brain.

He does the very same to Muriel and is later revearesulted in be an alien brain with tentacles for a body. As silly as it sounds, the episode terrified fans and made them second guess coming to the assist of finish strangers.

8 Perfect (Seachild 4, Episode 13)

Released in 2002, season 4"s "Perfect" was the final episode of the Courage the Cowardly Dog series. In it, Courage is berated by an elderly school teacher for his intended fallibilities, which leads to the negative pup enin the time of a series of vivid and especially terrifying nightmares.

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Throughout these nightmares sequences, Courage envisions a warped, blue being fans have called the "Bugle Monster" who whispers the phrase "you"re not perfect." The unsettling voice and also uncanny CG, along with the creature"s abrupt appearance, make for one of the scariest sequences in the series.

This episode sees the zombified film director Benton Terentella arrive at the Bagge residence, pretending to have actually an interest in using the farm as a collection in his new movie. Tarantella casts Eustace and also Muriel in the film, that are actually made to act out a ritual that resurrects the filmmaker"s partner who was buried under the farmhome.

Courage saves the day by amfinishing the film"s script, re-composing it in such a way that the 2 zombies have to free the Bagge family and also then re-bury themselves. The episode"s undead filmdevices were conveniently 2 of the freakiest characters featured in the Courage the Cowardly Dog series.

6 "King Ramses" Curse" (Seaboy 1, Episode 7)

One of the optimal episodes that people deserve to unanimously agree they remember from their childhood as giving them the creeps was "King Ramses" Curse." The episode"s titular character was quickly one of the creepiest villains in any type of episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog.

He manifests from his resting place as soon as Eustace refoffers to rerotate his spiritual tablet. The CGI picture of a flowing and mystifying number in the middle of nowright here made the hair on viewers" arms stand up. The included impact of an echoed voice offered the scene an also eerier vibe.

One of the primary reason"s why this episode was so scary as a kid was bereason, as per IMDb, the episode was motivated by the 1973 film The Exorcist. When Muriel gets possessed by an evil green heart coming from her new mattress, she behaves similarly to Reagan from the classic horror film.

Muriel"s voice is replaced by a gruff, deep growl, and any semblance of her type and caring personality is entirely abscent. Spinning her head entirely about and also vomiting on Eustace, there"s no denying the similarities between this episode and The Exorcist, which is a movie many kids wouldn"t have the ability to sit via.

4 "The Housage Of Discontent" (Seaboy 2, Episode 12)

The image of a floating white human-choose head permeated many kind of children"s desires bereason of this one Courage the Cowardly Dog episode. In " The Housage of Discontent," the farmland where the Bagge family members resides has actually been bare for a long time, unable to prosper crops.

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The Spirit of the Harvest Moon (Fred Melamed) appears demanding the family members to leave and also haunts them. In the basement shows up a giant white floating head through babsence eye sockets and a babsence mouth. It was the point of children"s nightmares. The demonic spirit threatens the Bagge family in a dark and also rough voice, and the live-activity head clashes via the animated background in an eerie and purposefully unnatural method.

The first seachild of Courage featured some of the series a lot of memorable flegal rights, and also the titular monster from the "Queen of the Babsence Puddle" episode definitely stands out. After a thunderstorm, courage discovers that a strange entity is lurking in the puddles outside of the Bagge residence.

After entrancing and catching Eustace, Courage is forced to swim right into the Queen"s underwater doprimary and also rescue him. Eustace was incredibly rarely nice to Courage, but, after this, he hopefully had actually at leastern some small adjust of heart.

2 "Heads Of Beef" (Season 1, Episode 11)

After watching this episode, fans most likely never before looked at meat the same way. Muriel is sick in bed, so Eustace takes Courage to get a burger at a local diner. For some odd factor, the team of suspicious-looking pigs who run the restaurant doesn"t raise any kind of red flags for Eustace.

The episode gets even even more bizarre as Courage comes to the realization that the meat has actually the challenge of a customer who went through a door moments ago. Courage suspects that the diner might be serving up huguy meat, yet that idea is fortunately disprcooktop throughout the episode"s conclusion.

Courage the Cowardly Dog fans aren"t told much around Muriel, though they are treated to an unfortunate appearance from her starray newphew Fred (Paul Schoeffler). Fred freaks out anyone the minute you check out him on display. He has a specific evil and murderous persona about him. His furrowed brows, green eyes, and also evil Cheshire smile will streatment the wits out of anyone.

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What makes Fred even scarier is that he narprices his inner monologue in an eerie tone, continually referencing every one of the "naughty" things he"s done in the apst. Fred escaped an asylum because he has an obsession via his project as a barber. He traps Courage in a bathroom and also shaves him bare. The episode is influenced by Sweeney Todd, so you deserve to guess why Fred is the means he is.