Why ns think Allen and also Lenalee aren’t just friends

D.Gray-Man it’s a very an excellent shoen anime. It has it all. Action, drama and, of course, a small romance. Similar to in every shoen anime, the love story isn’t actually canon, or official. Yet we understand it exists.

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Fans are split into three groups : the ones that ship Lenalee and Allen, those that ship Allen and also Road and that fans who actually doesn’t delivery Allen with anyone. The yaoi fans are excluded in this case.

I’m right into the an initial category. I mean, ns ship Allen and also Lenalee. In my opinion, they match perfectly and it’s kinda noticeable for me that they love every other more than friend do.

Initially, between them there’s simply a simple friendship.


They meet, they end up being friends and also act just like friends. It’s perfectly normal. They walk on missions together and act prefer comrades. Allen notices Lenalee as being cute, as we can deduce. Remember that episode when Lenalee goes out dressed choose a schoolgirl and also Allen blushes as soon as he sees she ? however that’s again, perfectly normal, together Allen is a directly young boy and Lenalee’s a pretty girl. It’s not something inexplicable for him to look at young beautiful girls.

But slowly they build different feelings, depth and an ext personal.

Going on goals together therefore often and especially, looking for Cross together, ns think approached them a lot. Personally i think Allen loves her more than she loves him, it’s kinda apparent that that feels something much more for she while she treats them all equally. She’s acting the same with Kanda and Lavi and also with Allen, however he occasionally acts as if Lenalee is the only person he sees.

When Suman go “his thing” and also they had actually to hit him, Lenalee simply threw herself right into his arms. When this is not crucial suggestive -just a hug- it may also mean a lot.


After Tyki apparentelykilled Allen, Lenalee practically started to dislike herself, blaming herself for no being able to help him one means or another. Ns don’t really think she moved on throughout that period when everybody believed Allen to be dead.

And what’s with that dream ? once Lenalee was fighting 3 level Akuma she literary assumed of him. And he seemed to understand or to feel that something’s walking on through her.


And climate comes the usual scene, once the hero saves his girl. This may not be yes, really suggestive, however I still count it.


Plus, once Lenalee woke up, Allen was there. And also they to be alone. Maybe that’s why Lenalee began to caress his face. If that’s the way a friend touches another friend, i don’t understand nothing about friendship. Anyway, why didn’t she touch Lavi’s face ? Or Kanda’s ?


Not to point out that in Noah’s Ark arc they to be strolling about holding hands. I mean, in ~ some allude they to be acting together a couple who goes come prom.


Allen likes to caress she face. Ns mean, I get it, the tried to prevent her to go after Krowley but he could’ve done in a distinctive way. However he believed that caressing her face is much more efficient. ~ above the other hand, the doesn’t touch anyone like this. Anyone however her.


Road kisses him. She kisses him. He’s surprised, the course, however that doesn’t mean he chosen it at all. Friend can’t speak he likes road after this kiss, due to the fact that she kissed him, no he. Roadway likes Allen, yes. However no Allen likes Road.


That challenge says ‘Leave me alone, you’re no Lenalee …’

Then, during the conversation with Tyki :


He speak him to leave his friend alone, but it’s apparent that Lenalee is a special friend.

They seem to love to organize their hands. Plus, Allen made a habit the caressing she face.

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So we currently know Allen has something for her. You’re remote if you don’t check out it. Top top the other hand, she’s much more reserved but it’s noticeable that she cares for him more, even if a tiny bit.

That being said, i don’t doubt lock share miscellaneous special, other that’s much deeper and an individual than a friendship.