Chris Hansen the "To catch a Predator" has announced the he"s looking into the alleged sex-related misconduct the the infamous "scene" musician.

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Chris Hansen, previous host the To record a Predator turned YouTuber, mutual in a recent video clip that amongst the targets that his upcoming investigations will certainly be Dahvie Vanity, a name that will most likely only ring a bell because that those that who had actually a severe MySpace scene phase.

Upon a suggestion from YouTuber Repzion that Hansen investigate Vanity, the now-host that Have a Seat with Chris Hansen responded, "In fact, Dahvie Vanity is on our radar . i promise friend we'll take a great hard look at it and we'll be tackling that topic together we relocate forward with all of these investigations." numerous YouTube comments supported the investigation, and as that this morning, Vanity was trending high in Google search results.

But who is Dahvie Vanity exactly, and why do people want that investigated—by kris Hansen, of all people?

Born Jesus David Torres, Dahvie Vanity was a founding member the the group Blood top top the dance Floor, after coming to be popular top top MySpace as "The upstream Hair God." Blood ~ above the run Floor's interlocutor look, spiky and colorful hair, electropop "crunkcore" sound, Warped tour appearances, and also affiliation through Jeffree Star make them associated with scene culture in the at an early stage 2010s. The team was decently popular: A 2011 video for the track "Bewitched" holds end 24 million views together of this writing.

As the April 2019, the supposedly 35-year-old singer to be living with his parental in Florida. Vanity has rebranded the Blood top top the run Floor YouTube page as "Kawaii Monster," a stage name under i m sorry he has been releasing brand-new music due to the fact that last year. Through the brand The Dark Arts, he sells items prefer a "dark ribcage hoodie with bat ears," a cloaked sweatsuit, and also Kawaii Monster, Blood ~ above the run Floor merch.

Blood ~ above the run Floor has always pushed the boundaries of sex-related content—especially, together Monroe spicy out, since its fanbase is mainly tweens and teenagers. In a video uploaded in 2012, because that example, Vanity can be heard telling the crowd, "You guys are much better than sex. I just want come come on every one of your tiny titties tonight." The band's lyrics likewise promote revenge porn and also the sexual degradation and also humiliation the women.

But in respectable 2018, MetalSucks published an reveal detailing specific allegations of sex-related assault versus Vanity by lot of women, plenty of of who were very underage at the time. Numerous of the girls described incidents once Vanity physically overpowered them, forced them come perform oral sex, and performed various other acts of sexual violence, as well as described emotionally abusive behavior of turoulend manipulation and grooming. That investigation likewise cited a 2009 arrest for sex-related assault, and also claims from former tour-mates prefer Jeffree Star and also Ash Costello of new Year's Day the Vanity engaged in inappropriate habits with underaged girl in your presence.

By December that 2018, HuffPost had spoken to 12 women who asserted Vanity had struck them in between 2006 and 2015, including experiences through girls together young together 13, and also as the April 2019, 21 women had accused Vanity of sexual assault, every a follow-up examination by HuffPost.

Yes, number of times, including prior to the major exposés on Vanity were published. He has actually posted protective remarks on society media numerous times and also has even installed them in the band's lyrics. The 2010 Blood on the run Floor tune "You excellent Goofed" claims, "Your fiction trash talk is done out of hate. / yet I'm about to killing it all, I'm around to eradicate. / Look in ~ me, I'm beautiful, not a suspect of rape!" The 2013 track "Crucified By her Lies" includes lyrics like: "Bitches v their lies almost pushed me into suicide / contact me a rapist. Here's the truth. Have the right to you take it it?" and "My name and reputation won't it is in the target the a slut!"

To one extent. In 2014, commercial band Combichrist eliminated Blood ~ above the run Floor as their opening act, citing involves over the group's "past behavior." following HuffPo's early report, online retailer big Cartel ended its with Vanity, though he shows up to still offer merch via Shopify. In April 2019, Billboard reported the Spotify pulled Blood ~ above the dance Floor's music for "violating its prohibited contents guidelines," and also not explicitly because of the allegations. If that stays the case for Blood ~ above the dance Floor's music, Vanity's new work under the surname Kawaii Monster is available on Spotify.

Not really. In 2016, Jayy Vonn Monroe—the other half of Blood on the dance Floor—announced the he to be leaving the group, citing an imaginative differences over the sexual nature that Vanity's lyrics and also the codependent "weird 'daddy' relationship" between him and also Vanity as reasons for the split. Though Vanity's then-girlfriend Fallon Vendetta temporarily join him in rebooting Blood ~ above the run Floor in 2017, together of today, Vanity is Blood ~ above the run Floor's just member.

Since October, the previous MSNBC host has used YouTube because that Have a Seat through Chris Hansen, in which he has actually investigated sex-related misconduct and also grooming allegations versus the controversial YouTuber Onision. As he announced in a recent video, the series will resume this week—and it seems choose we can expect also bigger investigations than Onision from this point forward.

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