I have discovered in our garage a 1938b Daisy Red Ryder BB gun that is in terrific condition. The is in the box with a Shooting safety instruction guide. Also attahced is package of BB"s the came with it. We have actually hade that gun out of the box and it has the trigger safety, 650 shoot repeater, saddle ring and also leather tie, that stock and also forearm are wood and also it has actually a medallion that says Red Ryder 1038 - 1988, Daist Mfg. Co. There space BB"s in the gun however we carry out not believe it has ever before been fired.Does anyone recognize a great way to either calculation it"s worthor isit worth the time?

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Posted: July-02-2010 at 12:06pm
Hi: native what you have actually described, you have actually in her possession a 50th Anniversary specimen; frequently that specimen has a 50 year warranty indigenous Daisy production Company. To obtain a existing value, check out www.GunBroker.com,clickon the Airguns listing on the home Page, then click air rifles, then kind in Daisy in the find block, and the screen will traction up every one of the Daisy wait rifles up because that auction, and it shouldn"t take lengthy for you to gain a sphere park idea that the value. And also yes, the is worth the effort. This specimens can selection from $15 to end $200You can want to inspect out the complying with items on GunBroker:176403860 starts at $145 offered in Box, w/papers & BBs176896997 starts in ~ $125 brand-new Old Stockin Box, no papers
If the medallion on the stock has the days 1938-1988 you have actually the 5oth anniversary mod. As will certainly said. The Classic additionally a 1938B has actually a similiar medallion but only has actually one date 1938.Ejwills.http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=175197052
lucky Dog! i have had actually a Daisys feeling the age of 6, yet I simply started to collection them around a year ago. I love the graphic on the box of the 50th Model! I would shoot one eye out to have actually one! LoL! Gunbroker.com is a great place to look at Prices. I am saving up to buy my next Daisy, and that is a huge one on mine list!
shot to host out because that one that is add by a wooden or fiberboard box complete of packaged BBs, part came v them, and from what i understand, rather did not. Oh, and there is a 50 year warranty on them!

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I have a Daisy design 1938B brand-new in the box with a repro comic book and all the books and also safety pamphlet. It is supposedly a commemorative edition due to the fact that it has actually a walnut stock, a medallion (copper) top top the appropriate side the the stock and the Red Ryder logo design on the left side. It has the animal leather strap and a safety and also has never been fired. Package is in perfect condition and as new. There is one strange thing that ns don"t recognize though, the box is stapled and apparently as it to be shipped, but the printed side is inside and bright and perfect however what you check out as the is is the brown cardboard side with a brand that describes the gun and also says it contains a cost-free red ryder comic publication inside. Go anyone recognize what I have actually here and what it must be worth. The serial number is 89196521 and it is BRAND NEW. Give thanks to in breakthrough for any kind of information regarding its value.