When a young, healthy and balanced betta fish die unexpectedly, it deserve to be a shock. It will certainly get even experienced holder wondering, execute betta fish die easily, or have made a dreadful mistake!

Luckily, learning more about betta care and also the most usual reasons bettas die can aid you keep an eye out for indications that her betta isn’t in perfect health. It deserve to also help you expand the life of her betta because that as lengthy as possible.

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Do Betta Fish dice Easily?

Betta fish don’t dice easily, but they require specific water parameters and details foods to continue to be healthy and also live a full, comfortable life. They are hardy fish and also should live for between three and five year when given the proper care. 

Common factors for Betta Fish Deaths

Water problem Issues

One the the many common reasons of betta fish fatality is poor water conditions.

Some myths are thought which state the bettas can be kept in really small, cramped containers and also that lock don’t require lot maintenance. While bettas are reasonably easy to care for, lack of clean water and room will often cause death.

If you’ve come residence to discover a dead betta fish unexpectedly, it may be because the water problems weren’t optimal. Because that example, bettas require warmth water in between 76 and 82 levels Fahrenheit. Suddenly water temperature alters can lead to a betta fish dying.

In enhancement to keeping the water at the correct temperature, the water have to stay clean to stop diseases and infections.

For tip-top water parameters, weekly maintenance need to include tiny water transforms of 10-20% the the aquariums water. This, along with tank cleaning, such together scrubbing far algae and also vacuuming the tank’s bottom to gain rid of any waste.

Why did my betta fish die after I adjusted the water?

Did you adjust a huge percentage or all of the aquarium’s water?

It might feel favor you are offering your fish extra clean water; however, a big water readjust can knock the water parameters off in the tank and shock your fish.

Doing this can eliminate the helpful bacteria native the water, which deserve to lead come a toxic ammonia spike. A huge water readjust can likewise cause alters in pH or temperature, causing a dying betta fish.

Water alters are important, however remember only to perform small water changes, transforming out only about a quarter or less of the water in the aquarium in ~ a time. This water transforms can happen weekly however may must be performed more frequently in smaller sized aquariums. A filter is additionally a need to to cut down on waste while maintaining a high useful bacteria level.


Another concern that leads to betta fish death is overfeeding. Bettas love to eat, and offering them a range of foods, such together betta pellets and also freeze-dried bloodworms, have the right to be funny for both you and your fish. However, it’s vital to know when sufficient food has actually been provided or if bettas are not eating.

Bettas have to only be fed twice a day and should just be offered little portions that food. Generally, 5-6 pellets per feed is enough; however, pellets carry out come in different sizes. Understand that a betta’s stomach is only about the size of the eyeball, and feed around that quantity of food.

Overfeeding deserve to lead to gastrointestinal problems, however it can additionally cause a buildup of rubbish in the aquarium.


If you’ve noticed that your betta has become lethargic or shed its appetite, you may think that your betta is dying. These indications may point to a decrease in health. In addition, these are nearly always symptoms of stress, which deserve to lead to many health problems and, maybe, a sudden death.

Betta fish can become stressed for miscellaneous reasons. If they don’t have actually enough an are or the water conditions are incorrect, they deserve to be stressed. If they space in a community tank and also the other tankmates such as goldfish are scaring or bullying them, the fish can end up being stressed. A absence of hiding places can additionally cause stress.

Bettas can likewise become stressed if the water circulation in the tank is as well high. Betta fish prefer calm water, so turn down filters or aerators to produce a an ext peaceful, comfortable setting for your fish.

Checking your water parameters, ensuring the fish has actually enough space and hiding places, and removing wild tankmates have the right to reduce a betta fish’s stress, bring about a much longer life.


Do betta fish die easily? Generally, the answer to this concern is no. However, this fish have the right to be fragile, and also because they have tendency to have actually long, flow fins, they can be injured fairly easily. Injuries deserve to lead come infections and also illnesses, which deserve to lead come death.

Ensure no spicy or rough objects in your aquarium that your betta have the right to brush against or catch its fin on. Also, make sure that your betta fish isn’t sharing room with an wild tankmate. Real estate a betta alone is regularly the best choice, as this stays clear of injuries incurred during territorial fights.


Most betta fish will sink once they die, so if you check out your betta resting at the bottom the the tank, this might be a reason for concern.

Bettas that are floating unnaturally in ~ the surface of the water might not it is in dead, yet instead experiencing from swim bladder disorder.

You have the right to treat many illnesses and also injuries so don’t give up if your betta fish isn’t law well.

For example, swim bladder disorder can regularly be fixed by withholding food for two to three days and also then offering foodstuffs such as thawed pieces of peas until the fish recovers. Infections and also other scale and also fin illness can often be treated v medications.

Betta fish can live for several years, so it have the right to be heartbreaking once your pet dies unexpectedly. However, taking caution as soon as feeding especially during vacation, and also ensuring the the water is clean yet the aquarium maintains a solid beneficial bacteria nest can assist to store your betta fish healthy for a long time.

Knowing the indications of condition or stress can also help you make your betta an ext comfortable if something walk wrong.

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Do you have a question about betta health and also the causes of betta death? Leave us a comment below.

The most common causes of betta death are stress, injuries, overfeeding, and water problem issuesMonitor her betta for indicators of distress such as discolored fin or scales, lethargy, or lack of appetiteKeep the water in the aquarium clean and also the sides and bottoms complimentary of debrisOnly change about one-quarter that the aquarium’s water in ~ a timeOnly offer tiny amounts that foodRemove any kind of sharp objects native the aquariumKeep betta fish alone or with tranquil tankmatesMaintain a steady water temperature between 76 and 82 degrees FahrenheitTreat illnesses immediately

Last Updated: October 18, 2021