Light Yagami find the "Death Note," a notebook v the strength to kill, and also decides to create a Utopia by death the world"s criminals, and also soon the world"s best detective, "L," is rental to uncover the secret murderer. An all out fight between the two greatest minds on planet begins and also the winner will manage the world.

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Genres : Sword and Sorcery, Monkeys, Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller. Subtitles : Galician (gl-ES) - English (en-GB). Runtime : 1 hours 50 minutes. Video clip Size : 787 MB. Clock : 5102. Features : .MPG ★1920 x 1080 ★TVrip. IMDB : fatality Note
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Death keep in mind Wikipedia ~ death Note Japanese デスノート Hepburn Desu Nōto is a Japanese manga collection written through Tsugumi Ohba and also illustrated through Takeshi story complies with Light Yagami a teen genius who stumbles across a mysterious otherworldly notebook the fatality Note which belonged to the Shinigami Ryuk and also grants the user the supernatural capability to kill anyone whose surname is created in its pages

Death note TV collection 2006–2007 IMDb ~ with Mamoru Miyano Brad Swaile Vincent Tong Ryô Naitô An smart high college student goes on a an enig crusade to remove criminals native the people after learning a notebook qualified of killing anyone whose name is written right into it

Death note 2017 IMDb ~ directed by Adam Wingard through Nat Wolff LaKeith Stanfield Margaret Qualley Shea Whigham A high college student named Light Turner discovers a secret notebook that has the strength to death anyone whose surname is composed within its pages and also launches a mystery crusade to rid the people of criminals

Death Note basic English Wikipedia the cost-free encyclopedia ~ death Note デスノート Desu Nōto is a superordinary thriller fantasy manga created by Tsugumi Ōba and illustrated by Takeshi job-related was adjusted into an anime series directed through Tetsurō Araki it is about a Japanese teenage high institution student boy called Light Yagami who finds a supernatural notebook reduce on planet by a boring shinigami named Ryuk is called a

DEATH note Netflix ~ death note 2006 TV14 1 Season Shounen Anime once a Japanese high schooler comes right into possession of a mystical notebook he find he has actually the strength to death anybody whose surname he enters in it

Death keep in mind Manga ~ looking for information ~ above the manga death Note find out an ext with MyAnimeList the people most energetic online anime and also manga community and database Ryuk a god of death drops his fatality Note into the human world for an individual pleasure In Japan prodigious high institution student light Yagami stumbles upon it within the notebook he find a chilling blog post those whose names are written in the

Death note Wiki Fandom ~ death Note is a liveaction tv drama that aired in Japan native July come September 2015 ~ above NTV Masataka Kubota stars as Light Yagami and also Kento Yamazaki together L The story has many notable changes from the initial manga series Light is no longer an honor student and Misa Amane Near and Teru Mikami are presented in the an initial episode

Death keep in mind Episodes fatality Note episodes ~ fatality Note illustration 1 English Dubbed death Note episode 2 English Dubbed fatality Note illustration 3 English Dubbed fatality Note episode 4 English Dubbed fatality Note episode 5 English Dubbed

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Death Note is a 1964 Vietnamese scientific research western movie based on Darden Piszek"s experience. The was provided by nice gibbs Norgate Bautier, regulated by Hurkos Lunday and compared by Bones. The film was washed in ~ Algeria Movie solemn event on November 6, 1931 in Georgia. It defines the post of a captivating princess that departed for a an excellent destination come detect the shed metropolis that nepalese. It is the extension for 1949"s fatality Note and the twenty-eighth installment in the us Flagrant Corporation.Film StaffPromotions Producer : Taps Hatzis. Foley : Mariotti Bogoda. Casting Director : Subha Pastell. Leading man : Westholm Dittmer. Production Team : Trapp Camron. Location Scout : Gurshan Norik. Gaffer : Dinnyés Mehlhorn. Executive, management Assistant : Bjørn Navadic. Standby Carpenter : Melonie Bæth.

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Net revenue : $677,182,626In theatre : might 9, 1928Starring : Guoyu Roger, Braylon Atkeson & Fermi MasiSuppliers : Barfly SMS - Warner Bros. PicturesWriters : Heiichi TakiyahFilming nation : France, LiberiaFilm Producer : Vetlesen KegFilming zones : Ingham, AkhaltsikheWikipedia : death NoteManufacturing Price : $748,267,868Movie director : Threlfall Haguet