A useful and easy-to-remember approximate worth for the number of seconds in a year is $\pi$ \(\times\) 10$^7$. Recognize the percent error in this approximate value. (There are 365.24 work in one year.)

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Hi. For this question, I desire to find percentage error provided that the approximate value for the number of seconds, pilot and also sense of strength seven. And also we have to calculate day supposed value because that the time, i beg your pardon is T. Therefore this formula because that the portion error. Right? so one year is of course for 3 65 .24 days and also one day is equal to 24 hrs one hour. Let's go to 60 minutes. Yeah. And one minute to walk to 60 seconds. Yeah. Therefore this come cancel out here, hours, cancel out this. Us left seconds the most analog days to obtain 3155 67 36 seconds. Now to discover a percent error, i understand around seven -3155 67 36. Ns didn't purchase 3155 67 36 James. 100. And also this is a contact to general .45 percent. Don't sound so.


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