Naruto and Sasuke’s fight in ~ the finish of Shippuden to be most-awaited and also carried the weight of their complex relationship.

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It was a struggle to recognize the truth of their feelings, but most the all, your friendship. Therefore it was no surprised that over there is no clean winner: just two equals.

Symbolically, the is Naruto’s id in your friendship that wins. And it is during this fight that both the them lose an arm.But regardless of the breakthrough in technology — Sasuke seems just to have one arm, i beg your pardon raises questions.

Sasuke loses his left arm during his fight with Naruto. He see this ns of eight as repentance for every the pain and suffering he placed his girlfriend and town through. Therefore, he refuse the arms created by Tsunade from Hashirama cells.

How walk Sasuke lose his arm? 

For people who have not discover Boruto’s prequel collection — Naruto Shippuden — this can be puzzling.

Towards the orgasm of Naruto Shippuden, Sasuke and also Naruto battle each other with their problems at stake.

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Can Sasuke’s arm not be recovered?

Well, Sasuke had left the town to protect Konoha from the exterior world prior to he was offered the eight made that Hashirama’s cells.

Although, later on in Boruto, it’s seen that that still doesn’t have actually a left arm regardless of visiting the village. As such it is possible that he was readily available an eight made via Hashirama’s cells under the accuse of Tsunade’s expertise, yet he refused.

In Boruto, Naruto does own a prototype the a scientific ninja-tool eight that might work top top chakra along with other benefits. Yet, Sasuke only has one arm.

The reason for this is not the access of modern technology or resources to develop an arm for Sasuke but his own an individual choice.

Sasuke look at the lose of his eight as a prize of the consequences of his actions. He thought that this would certainly remind him come atone for his guilty while protecting Konoha native the shadows.

Why doesn’t Sasuke cure his eight as Naruto did?

Since that is the descendant that Indra, the implantation that Hashirama cells would awaken his second Rinnegan and make him an extremely an effective shinobi (more 보다 he already is).


This would produce an imbalance in the civilization that Sasuke was no willing to risk. He desire to create a balance between him and Naruto, for this reason Naruto can constantly keep that in check.

About Boruto

Boruto: Naruto next Generation is a Japanese manga collection written by Ukyo Kodachi and also illustrated by Mikio Ikemoto. It was serialized monthly in Shueisha’s shonen manga newspaper Weekly Shounen jump in may 2016 until it was moved to your V jump in July 2019. The manga has actually been collected in 10 tankōbon volumes.

Boruto complies with the exploits the the following generation of Konohagakure. This consists of Naruto’s kid Boruto Uzumaki and his friends, who space out to determine their course in the shinobi world. Although peace in the shinobi civilization has been carried to a halt as the Otsutski clan starts to hatch a sinister plan.

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