I think Taylor Swift is the many beautiful mrs singer of every time. I additionally believe she beauty is natural and also is not intensified by plastic surgery.

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Of course, ns always back things up v evidence.

Has Taylor Swift had botox?


Let’s start with the singer’s face.

I’ve to be hearing noises about Taylor having botox injections but I’m no buying it. Some people are saying that her face doesn’t watch natural, that it looks frozen, particularly when she laughs.

But if friend look at the over comparison, her smile lines room still fairly visible. It no look favor she has used fillers on those cheeks. The girl is in her at an early stage 30s and she doesn’t require it.

Did Taylor have actually a sleep job?


On the left, we have actually Taylor at simply 15 year old. The clear together day that her nose hasn’t changed much contrasted to her current self. This includes her nose bridge, nose tip, and also both next of the wings.

I just can’t see any type of evidence the nose task here. To me, Taylor’s sleep is natural and has never been transformed in any kind of way, shape or form.


Did Taylor acquire lip fillers?


This one was easy.

Although these pictures were taken year apart, both the Taylor’s top and also bottom lips look identical. For this reason no, she has actually never done lip injections as much as i’m concerned.

Has Taylor had breast implants?


I really struggled v this one.

Prior to 2013, Taylor’s breasts certainly looks smaller sized to me and also despite the fact that she’s been faking it v the way she dressed, over there was just so lot she can do. She just didn’t have the bust size.

Now, if you look at her pictures from 2013 onwards, that seems choose she didn’t even have come try. She boobs simply look larger no issue what she to be wearing. She likewise looks an ext confident v the way she poses in prior of the cameras.

So, i’m leaning towards a boob project here. They space most likely implants and also if that true, ns honestly think these actions made her look super hot!

Did Taylor get a butt lift?


Yes, Taylor’s target has obtained bigger end the years.

If she a Swift fan, however, climate you should know that your idol has additionally gained fairly a bit of weight. This is evident from looking in ~ the size of her thighs.

When you have actually bigger thighs, you tend to have bigger buttocks too, right?

So, i don’t think she’s had actually a butt lift. She might have been targeting this area throughout her practice routines though.

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Final Thoughts

I’m quiet backing my words the Taylor is the many beautiful music artist in the world. I’m likewise happy to say the Taylor’s face is free of cosmetic surgery however can ns say the same about her body?

The prize is no.

I don’t typical it in a bad means either because whatever occurred to Taylor’s chest has only made she look hotter.