I think Taylor Swift is the many beautiful female singer of all time. I additionally think her beauty is organic and is not enhanced by plastic surgical procedure.

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Of course, I constantly ago points up through evidence.

Has Taylor Swift had actually botox?


Let’s start with the singer’s face.

I’ve been hearing noises about Taylor having actually botox injections however I’m not buying it. Some human being are saying that her challenge doesn’t look organic, that it looks frozen, specifically once she laughs.

But if you look at the over comparichild, her smile lines are still fairly visible. It doesn’t look prefer she has actually offered fillers on those cheeks. The girl is in her at an early stage 30s and she doesn’t need it.

Did Taylor have actually a nose job?


On the left, we have actually Taylor at simply 15 years old. It’s clear as day that her nose hasn’t readjusted a lot compared to her recent self. This contains her nose bridge, nose guideline, and also both side of the wings.

I just can’t view any kind of evidence of nose project below. To me, Taylor’s nose is natural and also has never been changed in any kind of way, shape or develop.


Did Taylor obtain lip fillers?


This one was easy.

Although these photos were taken years apart, both of Taylor’s peak and also bottom lips look the same. So no, she has actually never before done lip injections as much as I’m came to.

Has Taylor had breastern implants?


I really struggled via this one.

Prior to 2013, Taylor’s breasts certainly looks smaller to me and also despite the reality that she’s been faking it through the means she dressed, tright here was only so much she can do. She simply didn’t have the bust size.

Now, if you look at her photos from 2013 onwards, it appears choose she didn’t even have to attempt. Her boobs simply look bigger no matter what she was wearing. She also looks even more confident via the way she poses in front of the cameras.

So, I’m leaning in the direction of a boob job here. They are most most likely implants and if it’s true, I honestly think these steps made her look super hot!

Did Taylor gain a butt lift?


Yes, Taylor’s butt has actually gotten bigger over the years.

If you’re a Swift fan, yet, then you have to recognize that your idol has likewise obtained fairly a little of weight. This is evident from looking at the dimension of her thighs.

When you have bigger thighs, you tend to have actually bigger buttocks as well, right?

So, I don’t think she’s had actually a butt lift. She might have been targeting this location during her workout routines though.

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Final Thoughts

I’m still backing my words that Taylor is the many beautiful music artist in the people. I’m also happy to say that Taylor’s face is complimentary of cosmetic surgical procedure yet can I say the exact same around her body?

The answer is no.

I don’t suppose it in a negative way either because whatever taken place to Taylor’s chest has just made her look hotter.