Naruto: 15 points You no Know around Tsunade Tsunade came to be the Hokage of Konohagakure for numerous years. However, over there is far much more to her than meets the eye. It"s time to discover her secrets.

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The Naruto story is the third most famous manga series in the world; having produced a combined total that 720 anime episodes (original and Shippuden), 72 manga volumes, and also 11 movies from 1995 to 2017 (not including the brand-new Boruto anime).

Originally written and also created through Masashi Kishimoto, the Naruto franchise has captured the understanding of anime lovers due to the fact that of its capacity to show an individual development among its plenty of characters. A usual theme shown throughout the series is Naruto’s capability to never give up and the Senju philosophy of “Will that Fire.”

In conjunction v these themes, Kishimoto likewise portrays his characters" personal flaws. This method of writing permits the audience to create a an individual connection come the characters of the story whether, castle are an excellent or angry (like Sasuke). Tsunade is a perfect instance of a personality who has plenty of personal flaws and fears, but can overcome them because that the greater great of the village and her as whole growth into a good kunoichi.

Tsunade (綱手) is known by numerous names, many importantly as fifth Hokage (五代目火影, Godaime Hokage) and Konoha"s cheese Princess Tsunade (木ノ葉のナメクジ綱手姫, Konoha no Namekuji Tsunade-hime).

While taken into consideration the many beautiful kunoichi in the world and also a good healer, Tsunade has plenty the secrets. From she quirky personality to her deepest and darkest fears, here are the 15 points You didn’t Know around Naruto’s Tsunade.


nothing has ever before been defined in cannon regarding how Tsunade and also Naruto are related. Yet, even without this gift explained, the proof is overwhelming to the truth that castle are undoubtedly related.

Tsunade’s grandparents were Hashirama Senju (the first Hokage) and Mito Uzumaki. Naruto’s parents to be Minato Namikaze (the 4th Hokage) and also Kushina Uzumaki. Minato’s mommy is an unnamed character in Naruto, yet she is maybe the daughter that Hashirama Senju.

While the whole Senju and Uzumaki family members tree might be confusing, the leaves open the possibility that Tsunade is regarded Naruto and is in reality his an excellent aunt.

Since the relation between Naruto and also Tsunade is never officially disputed or revealed, this scenario stands to it is in the most likely. Perhaps in Borotu the family tree will finally be revealed and fans can finally obtain an answer.

throughout Tsunade’s time in ~ the academy, she was frequently the brunt the Jiraiya’s jokes. She body had actually yet come develop, since they were just children, which led to Jiraiya constantly call her flat chested.

This teasing would reduced Tsunade deeply, leading her to advance quickly in learning just how to usage her strength. She used this newfound toughness to punch through walls and hit Jiraiya once she caught him peeping at her while she to be bathing.

Would Tsunade have developed the an excellent strength she has actually today if Jiraiya hadn’t teased her as soon as they were younger? Perhaps, yet it’s also possible that his teasing strengthened her to a whole new level.

Ironically, the teasing would continue into their adult years. After the death of Orochimaru, they room seen hanging out together and also reminiscing around the old days, v Jiraiya still making jokes around her physique.

before the showdown through Orochimaru-- when Tsunade refuses to heal his eight in exchange for the resurrection of Dan and Nawaki-- Jiraiya asks Tusande to end up being the fifth Hokage. Appalled in ~ the notion, Tsunade states that the past Hokage wasted their resides for the town and go on come say “only a fool would ever before want the title.”

The battle with Orochimaru, however, would readjust her perspective, providing her a brand-new purpose and outlook on life. That was during this fight that she would decide the her loved ones wouldn’t want to be resurrected in exchange because that the devastation of the town that they died to protect. Tsunade would certainly then get over her fear of blood during the battle and finally be relocated by Naruto’s “Will of Fire” to never give up.

She would certainly leave that battlefield through a clear and determined mindset, i beg your pardon she most likely hadn’t felt due to the fact that the fatality of Dan and her younger brother.

12 She Is The Last making it through Member of The Senju Clan

The Senju clan (千手一族, Senju Ichizoku) and also the Uchiha clan (うちは一族, Uchiha Ichizoku) to be the very first two clans to type a shinobi village. The name Senju means “a thousands skills," and its members are recognized for gift adapt and proficient in all the ninja arts. This balance of skill brought about the Senju becoming one of the most an effective clans in the world, next to the Uchiha.

The Senju have typically been Hokage due to their vast knowledge that the ninja arts, great leadership skills, and their key philosophy well-known as the “Will that Fire.” despite Tsunade not wanting to be a Hokage at first, it’s in her blood to it is in a organic leader, in addition to protector that the village and that people.

The shift of Tsunade leaving the Hokage position, along with who took office ~ her, deserve to be confusing. During her battle with Pain, Tsunade uses up every one of her chakra, leaving her in a comatose state in i m sorry she was conserved by Dan Katō"s Spirit transformation Technique.

Danzō Shimura is elected as the sixth Hokage, but dies prior to being officially appointed the place in fight at the Samurai Bridge. Kakashi Hatake is then made the main sixth Hokage, and Tsunade helps him with the duties throughout his first year. Following Kakashi’s term, Naruto is elected and becomes the saturday Hokage.

To retire as a Hokage is uncommon, as most end up sacrificing their stays to conserve the village. Since of she healing abilities and also Dan’s soul being exit from the Impure people Reincarnation, Tsunade was saved from this fate and also lived come witness more than she predecessors.

10 She at first Hated Naruto because He wanted To end up being Hokage

Tsunade runs right into Jiraiya and Naruto throughout the early stages of Naruto’s training with Jiraiya. It’s during this conference in which Naruto declares to her the he will become Hokage one day.

Confronted v her memories of she younger brother (Nawaki) and also her lover (Dan Katō) both wanting to come to be Hokage, however dying prior to they could fulfill that dream, Tsunade dislikes Naruto immediately for believing in together fantasies.

She grows even an ext annoyed v Naruto as he continues to speak, eventually telling him that she might beat him v a single finger. Naruto naturally arises come the difficulty and is consistently beat down by Tsunade.

The scuffle would finish with a bet. Naruto insurance claims he deserve to master the Rasengan in three days. Tsunade gave him a week, thinking it come be difficult for Naruto to accomplish this.

The Japanese folktale that The story of the Gallant Jiraiya, to be a significant influence because that the production of the Sannin in Naruto, similar to how Greek mythology played a huge part in the story that Wonder Woman.

Masashi Kishimoto no only obtained the personality names Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Orochimaru native the tale, yet he also adapted their storylines and also abilities too. Kishimoto no the just artist to adapt this popular tale, as it has been re-imagined numerous times end in various forms, such as video games, films, novels, and also manga.

In The story of the Gallant Jiraiya, Tsunade and Jiraiya use toad magic and also healing to loss Orochimaru who supplies snake magic. Sound familiar? Ironically in the tale, Tsunade no only had actually healing powers, but is married to Jiraiya.

8 She’s well-known As The legend Sucker

The success the the Naruto franchise was developed on characters who were relatable, due to their flaws and also fears. Tsunade became known together the legendary Sucker (伝説のカモ, Densetsu no Kamo) since of her vice in the direction of gambling, in which she would certainly place bad bets, have actually horrible luck, and rack up huge losses.

Tsunade knows the she stinks at gambling, but continues to execute it anyway. She also knows that, if she access time a winning streak, something awful is about to occur because of her negative luck.

Other vices that make Tsunade more relatable as a character include being a hefty drinker, having actually a short temper, sleeping on the job, and also having others perform her job-related for her.

These flaws in she personality are what do Tsunade much more than a fictional character ─ they make her identifiable. Once she overcomes fears and also obstacles in life, Tsunade becomes an ideas despite her flaws and bad luck.

Tsunade is a Sannin, making she a formidable and powerful opponent. However, her data stats have actually her inserted at a score of 35 the end of a possible 40 points, i beg your pardon is person that is abnormal high. To placed things in perspective, Jiraiya’s score is a 35.5 (he is tied v Itachi Uchiha for having the greatest stats total), when Sakura just scores a high that 26 (which causes many fans to believe that she is worthless).

Granted, she reputation as the world"s strongest kunoichi and greatest medical-nin do propel her stat scores. However, because that fans that watched the anime and read the manga, these ratings it seems to be ~ high since we regularly witnessed her acquiring beat in battle.

Fans did suffer a taste of this strength, however, as she break-up open the ground with a single finger, broke Jiraiya’s arms and cracked six ribs, and broke through a Susanoo with only a couple of hits.

6 she Still Alive

Tsunade is alive and well, also in the current Boruto anime series. When the new series has actually yet to disclose her whereabouts-- or what she’s been up to-- most fans assume that she’s enjoy it retirement with a drink in her hand.

We understand Tsunade attend the wedding the Naruto and also Hinata, mostly keeping to herself and occasionally offering advice to Yamato regarding the preparations. The next and last time she is stated is in the brand-new Age the the Naruto franchise. She’s checked out attending a five Kage Summit the takes ar in Konoha where, follow to her, the rather “get drunk and complain about things.”

It have the right to only be assumed (and hoped) that Tsunade will certainly eventually show up in Boruto, which need to turn the end to be rather interesting.

Tsunade loved Dan Katō. Yes no denying this fact. As soon as Dan to be killed throughout the 2nd Shinobi War, the left a substantial hole in Tsunade’s heart and also she never acquired close to anyone favor that again.

Jiraiya always wanted come be v Tsunade, however as he claims that “to be happy was no his fate.” in spite of Tsunade constantly rejecting Jiraiya, the two became close friends and often had actually a drink together when their courses crossed.

Before leaving come fight Pain, Jiraiya asks Tsunade if she’ll give him a chance once he come back. Tsunade agrees come this, yet sadly Jiraiya die on the battlefield. We have the right to only wonder just how things may have turned out if he had survived. Would certainly Tsunade have actually held up her finish of the agreement? can they have fallen in love with each other? Alas we’ll never ever know, however we can dream.

4 She uses A Customized variation Of The Transformation technique To look Younger

The Transformation technique in its normal form is provided to rotate an individual into something that they are not. Generally this involves transforming right into an animal-- or, in Naruto’s case, a sexy woman. This an approach is often hard come maintain, together it continuous draws indigenous an individual’s chakra when in use.

Tsunade supplies a combination of the strength of a hundreds Seal and the Transformation method to preserve the figure of spring younger. This much more advanced version of the technique is unique due to the fact that it doesn’t need her to exert it s her to preserve it.

She uses chakra save on computer in the stamin of a hundred Seal, which is visible as a diamond on her forehead, giving chakra for she younger appearance. The just time Tsunade"s natural appearance is displayed is once she drains every the chakra from her hundred seal.

The necklace that Tsunade wore around her neck was provided to she by her grand (the first Hokage) and was made from a special Crystal Gem (結晶石, Kesshōseki).

The objective of the necklace was to capture and also control tailed beasts. She an initial gives the necklace to Nawaki ~ above his twelfth birthday since of his desire to become a Hokage. Nawaki would die the following day in battle.

The 2nd person she offers the necklace to is Dan the end of love because that him and also due come his desire to additionally be Hokage one day. Prefer Nawaki, Dan would additionally be killed in battle.

Tsunade thought the necklace to be a curse because the two human being she offered it to to be killed. The trend was damaged when Naruto take away the necklace after winning a bet v Tsunade. However, the necklace at some point breaks when Naruto loses regulate advancing to his six-tailed form.

2 She sees A lot of Herself In Sakura

The anime never ever really reflects the personal interaction in between Sakura and Tsunade, yet this to be mostly due to the fact that Naruto already had sufficient filler episodes that focused on the training and relationship between Naruto and Jiraiya. Just because it no shown, however, doesn’t average it no exist.

Sakura is comparable to Tsunade in the she excels in training just how to heal, being the only human able to understand the 100 healings jutsu as well as Tsunade. She additionally shows incredible toughness while battling, and also can summon the Katsuyu (a gigantic slug from the Shikkotsu Forest) like Tsunade.

The only way Tsunade can have teach Sakura all of these techniques and also have her become just as experienced at it would certainly be if Tsunade and also Sakura to be extremely close ─ not just in skill, but additionally in personality.

The surname Tsunade (綱手) is frequently translated to mean “mooring rope." when this might be a version of her analyzed name, it doesn’t complement her name as it is provided in the Naruto story. Surname are an extremely important in storytelling, regularly giving function and definition to the character.

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The translation gets misinterpreted v one particular symbol (綱). In the Japanese come English translation this way “mooring rope,” yet when analyzed using simplified Chinese, the name can mean “steel hand.” The last making method more feeling than the English version.

Because all languages save idioms, the conflict of the true meaning of Tsunade’s name continues to date. However, through factoring in she personality and characteristics, it only seems natural that Tsunade’s name should average "steel hand."


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