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I have a Browning v inv. Plus, and others v standard invectors. Once shooting skeet I have the right to tell no difference. What is your opinion ? I usage Briley expanded chokes in my typical invectors, that can make a difference. John

John, perform you mean are lock interchangeable? NO. Do you median that there is very tiny difference in the performance in between the two? Yes, but Browning requirements some brand-new hype from time come time come get new customers.
I have actually a "92 Citori that supplies the Invector, one XT that provides the Invector Plus, and also a 725 that uses the new Invector DS. I have the right to tell no difference from one come the other. However, over there is a difference in performance from one particular choke tube to another. I have actually a Briley XF in the XT the throws a perfect pattern over and over. I have a Carleson"s F in the Invector the throws very good patterns in the "92. Ns haven"t played through the 725 at the pattern board sufficient to make a judgment on that yet. Martinpicker

The Invector add to has about a 0.010" larger bore 보다 the standard Invector bore (0.740" vs 0.730"). I have chokes and also bores in both sizes and as far as I"m concerned, the Invector choke system is every bit as good as the Invector add to system. In fact, some human being may like the Invector choking tubes much better because they don"t add as lot weight to the muzzle as perform the Invector to add chokes.Easystreet
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