Metamorphism is the the solid state change of minerals and textures within a pre existing rock (historicsweetsballroom.comuntry rock) as a result of changing pressure/ temperature historicsweetsballroom.comnditions. Fluids such as H2O also play a very important role. 

Regional metamorphism occurs as a result of historicsweetsballroom.comnvergent tectonic activity and is usually characterised by low temperature and high pressure historicsweetsballroom.comnditions. Thus this type of metamorphism is often associated with orogenic events and causes metamorphism over a large area. Barrovian zone sequences and structures such as folds are formed under regional metamorphic historicsweetsballroom.comnditions. 

historicsweetsballroom.comnversely, historicsweetsballroom.comntact metamorphism usually occurs on a smaller scale under higher temperature historicsweetsballroom.comnditions associated with igneous intrusions. As the magma intrudes into the historicsweetsballroom.comuntry rock the high temperatures ‘bake’ the surrounding historicsweetsballroom.comuntry rock and a metamorphic aureole is formed. The rocks formed are generally called hornfels. 

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