Subscriber identity Module (SIM cards) are small data chips supplied to activate your phone. Lot the very same as a memory card, they store vital information from your cell phone, such as text messages and also contacts. Memory card storage disks (SD cards) are provided in the same means as a memory stick or back-up disk on her computer. In addition to storing data, memory cards deserve to save outside media files, whereas center cards cannot. While you cannot use your SD card as a means to activate her phone favor a sim card, you have the right to use your SD card as a backup storage disk choose a center card.

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Purchase a memory card from an electronic store, such as RadioShack, finest Buy or WalMart, or online. Make sure to purchase the SD storage card that fits in her cell phone. Look at her phone"s SD map slot and also see even if it is it claims "MicroSD," "MiniSD" or "StandardSD.

Turn her cell call off and also then insert the SD card into the SD card slot, call side down and forward. The contacts room the small copper streaks on the SD card. Then, turn your cabinet phone back on.

Go into your cell phone"s "Main Menu" and navigate come "Phone Book" or "Contacts," depending upon what the is dubbed on your phone. Open up it to display the names and also phone numbers.

Select the an initial number that you desire to save to the SD card. Walk to "Options" and select "Send To" or "Export come SD Card." Repeat this activity for all of your contacts.

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Go to her messages "Inbox" from your "Main Menu." select the an initial text message and click "Options." select "Send To" or "Move to Folder." choose the folder come which you want to send the message. Then, go to the folder come which you"ve saved your message messages and also click "Options," climate "Move To memory Card."

you can access the information you conserved to her memory card by inserting it right into the SD card reader on her PC. If you execute not have actually an SD card reader for her computer, you deserve to purchase an outside one that connects to her PC"s USB drive.
If her phone walk not have an SD card slot, you will certainly not be able to use a memory map in her phone at all. perform not placed the SD card right into the center card slot as it may damages the card and the sim card port. You can not copy your interior programmed data native your center to her SD card. This information is programmed right into the sim card and also cannot be moved or removed. The just transferable details that have the right to be saved from your sim card are contacts and text messages, since they both have choices that permit you to adjust their saved destination to a memory card.

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