The video game is about you, the player gotten in the Digital world and also becomes a tamer.

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The gameplay is very similar to Pokemon through which you advanced monsters and also fight through them, yet the levelling up and evolution device is an extremely different from Pokemon. The is much much more complex.


Each digimon have actually their very own digivolution routes, and whether you have the right to digivolve right into a details digimon relies on that is statistics. Over there is a limit to the level a digimon deserve to level up to and also it is define by that is aptitude. One aptitude of 10 method that the digmon cannot go past level 10 unless you degenerate her digimon come raise the aptitude.

It can get annoying but you’ll uncover yourself act this rather a lot. Over there are great benefits from degenerating, together your stats would increase but retraining castle isn’t the fun. I feel the best way to handle this is come degenerate earlier in the game very first to obtain the aptitude up. However, do it only when you have other solid digimon to cover because that it.

I made a mistake just recently, declining two of my can be fried digimons come In-training and I struggled in the last ar - the main point Field.

Anyway, the last boss (in core Field) is a pains in the neck, together you’ll have to kill 4 element “Pods” and also then challenge the last ceo (ChronomonDM). The Pods would have currently drained most of your HP and also MP, so you better bring sufficient HP and MP chips and also Revival items through you.

My whole army of level high 40s and low 50s (except the two degenerated persons of level below 25), acquired wiped out by the ChronomonDM. He one-hit-KO most of my digimons (even my Mega ones) and also I didn’t also have the possibility to use renewal or healing items.

To it is in honest, friend shouldn’t be an overwhelming the boss if your digimons aren’t in the Mega or over level 50. To difficulty ChronomonDM, it’s best if her digimon have attacks that hit much more than one field, in reality this is the best means to beat any type of bosses in the game.


The graphics and sound of the game is amazing. The locations and also digimons space well designed and very attractive. The colours room mostly colorful and good to look at at.

I specifically like the cute, mini variation of the digimons that follows my character when she to walk around. They are simply o adorable.

I feel the best part of the graphics lines in the animation of the digivolution. The is simply so amazing and fluid.


The digifarm system to “rear” and also level up your digimon is also an extremely innovative and it can assist you conserve a many time because the digimons in your farm will obtain experience clues without having actually to battle.

I usually store those digimons that requires a details stats to digivolve in farm yard that has actually farm items to progressive that particular stats. For example my Tokomon requires 60 friendship to evolve into Falcomon, for this reason I place him in a farm and also place training products that progressive friendship in the farm. Therefore while i was out on mission v my stronger digimons, my Tokomon is in the farm obtaining experience points and friendship points in ~ the exact same time.

The farm is also great for gaining details EXP. For example throughout the an initial half that the game, the very an overwhelming to get Holy EXP, for this reason the best means to gain them is in the farm with training goods.

So I would certainly actually suggest obtaining a holy farm first, particularly if you decided to raise divine digimons. (You’ll most likely need at the very least one holy digimon in your party)

I additionally found a method to “cheat” making use of the farm by placing her digimon into the farm through farm items when you’re one bar far from receiving your farm yard report.

I’ve tried this numerous times, and most that the time, my digimons get their state raised also though lock in the farm yard for just a couple of seconds.

So when I location my digimon in the farm v let’s say log (Raise Attack), even though it’s simply in there for a couple of seconds, its strike is raised. There is a 90% success rate for this method.


I like just how they display who is walk to it is in attacking next (depending top top the speed of your digimon) as then ns can plan which enemy to take down first. With proper planning, over there is a chance whereby you have the right to win a fight without gaining hit also once, if her digimon have actually decent speed and also attack.

However, I find the video game a small draggy and “texty”, especially during the advent phrase. There are just so lot dialogues come read and also there is no method to skip them.


The game is also prone to quick lag and also freezes, particularly when you open up the menu or over there is a adjust of scene/location. However, they don’t really influence the game much as soon as it passed.

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Nevertheless, i still love this game really much, i am replaying it now on my phone top top iNDS. Even though this the 3rd time i am playing it, i still find it very enjoyable and also fun. However, the video game has minor compatibility worries with iNDS – that is you’ll operation into trouble if you save via save states. The way to handle this problem is to conserve via the video game menu and also load the save record via the start food selection by selecting “continue” in ~ the begin of the game. As long as friend don’t load via save state, the game will job-related fine.