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Palm Springs vs Palm Desert has end up being a hot topic for individuals looking to plan a pilgrimage to the area. With better Palm Springs continuing to thrive in popularity together an affordable and all encompassing vacation destination, countless wonder i beg your pardon area is appropriate for them. Listed below I synopsis what to suppose in both Palm Springs and also Palm Desert to provide you a far better sense of where to stay. I’ll start by saying you can’t walk wrong with either, so rest easy, take it a deep breath, and let’s find your destination!

Why continue to be in Palm Springs vs Palm Desert?


TransportationYou execute not have to rent a vehicle in Palm Springs. Whatever is fairly walkable, and also the highways are an extremely pedestrian friendly.Getting around is easy. Through Uber and complimentary bicycles obtainable at virtually every hotel, you won’t should spend too lot time acquiring from location to place.AccommodationThings come DoDowntown has it all. Boutique shopping, i know good restaurants, the famed Palm Springs Museum, art galleries, pool parties, great happy hour, thrift shopping. Needless come say, girlfriend won’t run out of points to do.Palm Springs is the oldest component of the area, which means a plethora of history to explore. V the movie colony and also design district right in town, you’ll check out the traditional Palm Springs you’ve watched in travel magazines and splashed over social media.You’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else in the human being that go mid-century modern far better than Palm Springs. Trying out the surrounding neighborhoods will provide your camera a major workout. Painted doors, slanted rooftops, minimalistic architecture elements. The architecture will inspire you.If you’re an interior design buff, you will certainly be in heaven in Palm Springs. The downtown shops are lined with incredible stores and showrooms. You’ll desire to to buy a house and also start furnishing it ASAP.Lay the the LandPalm Springs is an ext tourist-oriented, for this reason if it’s your an initial time to the desert, it could be ideal to stay in Palm Springs vs Palm Desert. You have the right to head out on a day pilgrimage to explore Palm Desert to see if it’s much more your scene for your following trip (and ns promise, there will certainly be a following trip.)Palm Springs is really eccentric, through a colorful energy you just won’t get in the other areas.If you are younger (or young in ~ heart), Downtown Palm Springs is definitely where i recommend staying. With loads of trendy boutique hotels and also restaurants, a few lively bars and also entertainment, it has a faster pace 보다 Palm Desert and neighboring suburbs.Unique marketing PointsThe village Fest, one outdoor neighborhood market, happens every Thursday in Palm Springs, a fun ar to shop approximately for vintage finds and also desert knick knacksThe airport is in Palm Springs, making it quick and cheap transfer to your accommodationThe Rat fill hangouts prefer Melvyn’s, The violet Palm at swarm Palms and Copley’s room all in Palm Springs and worth a visit!

Why remain in Palm Desert vs Palm Springs?

With chic country Clubs, big box stores, cinema complexes, golf courses at every turn and also mainstream purchase malls, Palm Desert is a place to relax and stay awhile. The has more of a suburban feel to it, with condos and large hotel chains prefer the Marriott and Hyatt. However, there space still lot of of cool restaurants and also things to carry out in Palm Desert, making the the ideal of both worlds.

TransportationYou will require a car in Palm Desert, as every little thing is really far apart. The blocks seem to sprawl forever, and the suburb is 70 square kilometers. Several ground come cover!One thing I love around Palm Desert and Palm Springs is the number of Ubers available. Girlfriend won’t have a trouble hailing one after ~ a few too many margaritas at The fresh Agave (a must try if continuing to be in Palm Desert!)AccommodationPalm Desert is great for family members as over there are more affordable residence rentals, numerous in country Clubs that have actually pools ~ above every corner.Hotel giants prefer JW Marriott and Hyatt have restaurants, bars, golf, and pools on site. AKA girlfriend never need to leave.Palm Desert is ideal for longer rentals or snowbirds as you have the right to create an ext of a routine and also home life. Easy accessibility to grocery stores, yoga and fitness studios, hiking, restaurants and a couple of bars. Things come DoGolfingGolf a huge part of her vacation plans? then Palm Desert is a much better place to remainder your head. You have the right to stay at among the countless country clubs or hotels that reside top top golf courses, or rental a home and shot a few different courses. There are hundreds! Palm Springs does have a couple of golf courses, but if you’re an avid golfer, Palm Desert is a far better fit.ShoppingLooking to shop till girlfriend drop? El Paseo near Palm Desert is considered the Rodeo journey of better Palm Springs. The street is inside wall with high-end boutiques and upscale restaurants. Saks 5th Avenue, Gucci, Lululemon, Ralph Lauren, and Anthropologie are just a few of the stores you will do it find. That is also home to some tremendous restaurants!Palm Desert has a Nordstrom Rack and also Saks off fifth for the can be fried discount brand surname shopping experience.

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Unique selling PointsThe university of the Desert in Palm Desert has actually a street fair every Saturday and Sunday in height season. The fair is worth discovering for a frozen lemonade and some bargain hunting. Great for golf gear, jewelry, socks, and also home decor.Palm Desert is close come La Quinta (10 minute drive), i beg your pardon is another good suburb with tons of restaurants, movie theatres and also golf courses (PGA West, one of the most famed golf complexes in town, is situated in La Quinta).The colony (a bar with a dance floor and also epic human being watching) is located in Palm Desert, an experience everyone should have actually at the very least once in your life! Be all set to wait in line!

So, i m sorry is it? Palm Springs or Palm Desert? together mentioned, the comes under to the kind of suffer you’re after. For a mid-century infused, trendy suffer with great food, several action, a colorful hotel swimming pool scene and a possibility to take in all of the storied backgrounds Palm Springs needs to offer, remain in Downtown Palm Springs.

For a more local experience, wherein you have the right to lay her roots, play part golf, be safe poolside, cook dinners, shop, and also spend time v family, Palm Desert is an ext your speed. Keep in mind, Palm Springs is only a $20/25 minute Uber ride far from Palm Desert. Girlfriend can constantly spend a job or two trying out there if you choose Palm Desert. That doesn’t need to be one or the other!

For her reference, I always stay in Palm Desert together we have actually a condo there. If i am staying for a week, ns will constantly visit Palm Springs a couple of times during mine stay, usually on the weekend. I’ll walk around and also shop a little, have happy hour, and end v dinner followed by Melvyn’s because that drinks. I additionally love heading under on a Sunday because that brunch and also pool hopping. That means I get the ideal of Palm Springs, yet can spend the remainder of the time chilling the end in Palm Desert laying by the pool, cooking and also hanging the end in a reduced speed, more relaxed environment.

I expect you discovered this helpful and that it gives you part clarity on where to stay in higher Palm Springs! If you have actually any certain questions, ask far below!


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