To revolve your headphones ~ above or off, press and also hold the power switch for 1 second.

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To fee your headphones, plug them into a power resource using the consisted of micro USB cable.As the headphones charge, the Fuel Gauge lights flash. When charging is complete, all 5 lights continue to be lit.

To check the Fuel Gauge, which mirrors battery level and charging status, press and release the strength button.

Your headphones administer up to 12 hours of playback indigenous 2 hoursof charging.

To maintain battery or use your headphones as soon as the battery is depleted, plugin the RemoteTalk cable to use your headphones in wired mode.

Pair her headphones

To pair her headphones v your device, follow these steps:

If you were utilizing the RemoteTalk cable, unplug it.Turn on your headphones. Organize the "b" buttondown because that 2 secs to put your headphones right into pairing mode.The LED indicator light will certainly pulse white.

Your headphones reconnect immediately to the last device that you offered with them.

Use her headphones

Learn just how to beat music, adjust the volume, and answer calls.



Play music

To beat music, use the "b" switch on the left earcup, or usage the center button on the RemoteTalk cable in wired mode.

To pause or beat a track, press once.To skip come the next track, press twice. To skip backward, press three times.To scan forward with a track, press twice and hold top top the 2nd press. To scan backward with a track, push three times and hold on the 3rd press.
readjust the volume

To manage the playback volume or call volume, use the volume buttons over and below the "b" buttonon the left earcup.Or you can use the volume buttons on the RemoteTalk cable.

Press and also release the volume up button, or press and also hold to rise volume continuously.Press and also release volume under button, or press and also hold to decrease volume continuously.


Answer calls

To answer phone calls, usage the "b" button on the left earcup, or usage the center button on the RemoteTalk cable.

To answer or finish a call, push once.To price a second incoming call and put the very first call top top hold, push once. As soon as two calls room active, this switches in between calls.To refuse an just arrive call, press and also hold because that 1 second.To protect against listening v your headphones and also send the speak to to the phone, press twice.

Reset her headphones

If you have actually sound, Bluetooth, or charging concerns with her headphones,you might want toreset them.

Learn more

Read around how totroubleshootthe audio top quality of your headphones.

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Use theBeats application for Android.

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