It never fails. Every week I gain at the very least three letters sent from men in different parts of the people complaining around their penis size and also how dissatisfied lock are. “Tyomi, i am in dire need! can you you re welcome tell me how to do it bigger?”

Every letter starts turn off or ends v this kind of desperation seeping with every word, and it never ever ceases come intrigue me just exactly how uneducated countless men are around their genitals. “Is there a cream or pill I deserve to use to boost my size?” “Can girlfriend help? I understand I’m good in bed, yet I wish i was bigger.” “I’m 7.5 inches. Is that a tiny size?”


I hear these types of concerns so frequently that it leader me down a course of repetitive speeches around why and also how dimension matters. I even made a YouTube video for men approximately the civilization to know the answer come this age old question. Does size really matter? Yes it does, but it’s not so much about why size matters but how the matters.

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Before acquiring into exactly how size matters, it’s important to offer a basic anatomy lesson because that those who may have been failure high school biology or forgotten those lessons ago in student in the first year year. We all might bleed red, but our bodies space not produced equal. Genitals space as differed as skin complexions, also within the African-American community. No dick is produced equally, and also neither is any vagina, so this must tell friend there must be part variation in size for components to fit together.

So how does size matter?

When it involves having higher sex, the genitals need to fit together prefer puzzle pieces. If a male is fine endowed, he must be paired v a mrs who has a vagina that deserve to accommodate his size. Yes, vaginas are very elastic and can mold come fit the form of whatever’s inserted into that (or the end of it, such as an additional human being). However they too have actually a restricted amount of width and also depth before hitting the cervix that leads come the uterus.

If a woman has actually a narrow, shorter vagina, being with a male who’s lengthy and vast will destroy her priceless flower. Sexual power for this form of mismatched pair will not feel good for one of two people partner, and both will leave their sex-related experience v a little bit of his/her ego bruised (not to cite genital bruising). Just together puzzle pieces should fit with each other perfectly because that the masterpiece picture to end up being clear, genitals must fit with each other perfectly for sex to it is in harmonious.

How does size influence sexual performance?

When sprockets and also cogs are assembled in a machine, each piece has actually a specific role and motion that correlates to one more piece made come fit inside of it. If these piece didn’t fit perfectly together, the maker would break down and develop problems and also delays in production. This same concept uses to sex-related performance.

When the genitals space not combine up properly according to their size, sex can end up being awkward and also uncomfortable. Typically, those that complain around sex being uncomfortable have had experiences with partners that didn’t fit them properly, and it’s unfortunate, due to the fact that a lack of education about this very thing leads human being to think they’re merely sexual misfits.

The truth is, everyone has actually the capacity to carry out well sexually, however one must be educated about sexual anatomy and also sexual performance to reach optimal performance. A woman through a smaller vagina may think she desires to be paired v a guy who’s long and also has girth. However once in the act, she can experience tearing and bruising the the quality opening and also vaginal walls since her partner is forcing a big pole into a small hole.

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The only method both partners are going to be able to switch into different positions and perform well in lock is by learning the size and also shape the their own genitals and what fits before entering right into a sex-related encounter.

How deserve to one tell genital size without see the genitals?

Taoist matchmakers in China have had actually an knowledge for century that an excellent relationships are rooted in a great sex life, so as soon as pairing couples together, they made it a requirement to pair men and also women with each other according to their genital sizes. The Chinesee interpreted that genitals that fit with each other perfectly would certainly produce good sexual experiences, and also so they arisen a mechanism to determine the dimension of genitals by using facial features and hands. (And think me, this mechanism is clues on.)

Believe the or not, a man’s thumb is a direct mirror that the shape and also size of his penis. The size of a man’s penis is twice the size of his thumb; the shape and width of the basic of the thumb is the shape of the shaft of the penis; and the guideline of the ignorance correlates to the form of the penile head.

When it concerns women, a small mouth and also short finger correlates to a small, quick vagina. A woman with big, special lips is said to have a wide, thick vagina. There room a number of features that reveal genital size, and also you can read much more about them here.

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So the answer to the age-old question of “does size matter?” is yes, it does! dimension matters, but not in the method of being huge and in charge. Size matters in the facet of gift able come fit perfectly v your partner to perform in an experience you will never forget Be confident in what you have, due to the fact that someone, somewhere the end there was produced to fit through you exactly as you are.