Surprisingly, people actually do have actually ways to usage their phone together a steel detector. Together you can suspect, yes sir an app involved. I want to discover out if a metal detector app for her phone actually worked, so i did some digging. This is what I found on what’s accessible for Android and iOS phones, and how lock worked.

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You have the right to use her phone as a metal detector with the use of an app, accessible for both Android and also iOS smartphones. The app’s level of capacity varies, and you won’t have robust metal detector functions like in a full-size model. However, the apps are cost-free and do administer some surprising results.

There space a ton the apps whose focus is on the Android platform, and also I did find one entry because that iOS, for this reason let’s take a look.

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Does a metal detector app really work?

Smartphone metal detecting apps occupational like this

Unlike a full-size metal detector, a smartphone steel detector application works through the magnetic field approximately your phone. Once it identify a baseline measurement from the sensitivity setting you choose, it deserve to tell once something metal changes that field. This is possible because for rather some time smartphones have contained a magnetometer inside them. It is the technology that powers your smartphone’s compass, and also it detects and measures the strength of magnetic fields. This permits your smartphone to sense the visibility of details metals.

The varieties of metal it could detect are absolutely not in the full variety of steels you’d suppose from a full-size steel detector. The phone will only sense magnetic metals such together iron, cobalt, nickel, and steel.

The app changes its screen to allow you understand when that detected metal nearby. The display itself relies on the app, and also may or may not develop a sound once it alerts.

During an evaluation done by cnet, it “picked increase items like document clips, a Leatherman multitool, and a metal screw. However, it failed to identify a platinum wedding band, a gold-clad ring, and a dime — all the an useful stuff.”

How does the app work?

I downloaded the iPhone version of the metal Detector app (link below) and gave that a try. Girlfriend basically start it, number out what sensitivity setup to use, and move the phone around until you acquire a remarkable hit.

It’s straightforward experiment to collection the sensitivity, though one time I discovered that with it set mid-range, the app alerted strongly when it remained in mid-air. It no my belt or anything that I might see nearby, so I had actually no idea what caused it. Ns lowered the sensitivity, and also the beeping stopped.

In this video, you can see how it reacted to these 3 targets (penny, nickel, and also nail clippers), which i scanned native left come right:


The app was amusing, and I can see utilizing it in a pinch because that objects do of a magnetic metal. Various other than that, it’s no worth much. The a cost-free app, though, for this reason it’s worth every penny. Ns mean, it did plainly detect metal, and it was fun to use.


A steel detector phone app will detect metal, but finding sweetheart is just not likely. If you drop a screw or pond in the grass it can be a quick uncover for you. It could also save your bare feet from metal shavings or a tack, etc. 

One typical thing that civilization mentioned in application reviews: metal property stakes will certainly certainly collection off the app.

App Store review headlines encompass comments such as:

Surprisingly it worksI am so surprised it works, but it doesFound my property line steel pinIT works .. Only for magnetic materialsTotal McGyverFound rebar in 8” concrete wall… and also a lesser re-superstructure of comments favor Does not work, Beeps every the time, and also Worthless

What the heck, it’s fun to download and also try.

Metal detector app for the smartphone

Android: metal Detector

(face it, besides that one, there are a ton of Android apps. You can just want to walk over come the Google play Store and check out some of the reviews)



Here are some of my favorite steel detecting items:

Thanks because that joining me and also reading the content I produce for you. Below are several of my favorite metal detecting items, every from the straightforward categories you will do it need. These space affiliate links, so if you perform decide come use any kind of of them, I’ll knife a commission. In all honesty, these room the simple tools I would recommend to anyone who interested in the hobby.

Sand Scoop – if you doing any type of beach metal detecting, you require a sand scoop! that way far better than a shovel and also you can find well-built models v a handle or without one.

Pinpointer – Pinpointers will assist you house in conveniently on target products that your big detector cautions on. It’s a no-brainer accessory for steel detecting and also can be offered not only on dry land but most are either partially or completely submersible.

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Can’t-miss steel detector – I favor this design especially due to the fact that it’s an excellent on land and also at the beach, is feature-packed, native a well-known and also respected brand.