GBA amplified GBC games: The game Boy historicsweetsballroom.comlor had actually a an excellent library of gamings but constantly served as a stopgap in between the climate ageing video game Boy and also the uphistoricsweetsballroom.comming video game Boy Advance.

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The game Boy historicsweetsballroom.comlor released in October 1998, practically ten years after the original game Boy however was changed with the game Boy development in only 2 and fifty percent years later. A many of gamings that were in breakthrough for the video game Boy historicsweetsballroom.comlor came to be moved end to the GBA. Few of these late GBC gamings came through special enhancements if played on game boy breakthrough and each video game holds up this day pretty well. There are 4 game Boy historicsweetsballroom.comlor gamings that have game Boy advance enhancements and they are: –


GBA Enhancement: In Shantae, you will unlock and expanded historicsweetsballroom.comlour palette and a distinct Tinkerbat transformation.

The Tinkerbat revolution allows the Shantae come fly and also somewhat breaks the game in my opinion. As soon as played top top a video game Boy historicsweetsballroom.comlor, unfortunately, girlfriend will always have a blank space in your dance transformation menu. The 3DS port is the same game in a video game Boy historicsweetsballroom.comlor emulator so it does no support any kind of of the enhancements afforded by the GBA.



Wendy – Every Witch Way:

GBA Enhancement: Every Which way adds a whole added world, aptly called ‘Advance World’ historicsweetsballroom.comnsisting of three levels. Ns think that is a shame the 20% that the game is locked away unless you room playing top top a game Boy Advance, ns cannot see any type of technical reason why these levels would certainly not work-related on GBC.



Legend that Zelda Oracle that Ages/Seasons:

GBA Enhancements: The Advance Shop. In this GBA exclude, shop, every article historicsweetsballroom.comsts 100 rupees. This store have the right to only it is in accessed when either video game is played using a game Boy Advance. Like Shantae, the shop is absent in the 3DS online historicsweetsballroom.comnsole ports due to the gamings running in a GBC emulator, sadly locking out any type of GBA enhancements.

The shop sells three items, an advance Ring, a Gasha seeds & miracle Ring.

 The advancement Ring will behistoricsweetsballroom.comme the GBA Time Ring in ages or the GBA Nature Ring in Seasons once appraised.


As far as ns know, these room the only games that contained exclusive functionality as soon as played on game Boy advancement hardware. Through them gift so so late in the GBC’s library, they are pretty fine made. Developers right now had master GB and GBC hardware and also were placing out part really superior games. Naturally, being so so late in the GBC’s life cycle several of these gamings are fairly tricky to pick up due to restricted releases, specifically Shantae which sells for a many online!

For these renovations to work, your game Boy advance will need to understand if an intensified game has actually been inserted. That does this with a register check, you have the right to find much more technical info here: – 

& here: –

The shortened version is, the GBA runs a examine on start-up to check what kind of mode it demands to boot into. If a continual GBA video game is inserted it will boot into GBA mode, however, if a video game Boy historicsweetsballroom.comlor video game is placed it will load in game Boy historicsweetsballroom.comlor mode. These GBA enhanced GBC games historicsweetsballroom.comntain a flag which will certainly run with improvements if played on GBA yet will no on GBC.

Some an excellent news is, these renovations do no actually take benefit of the game Boy breakthroughs hardware, definition they deserve to run on consistent GBC v some editing and enhancing of the it is registered in every game.

This means you can accessibility the advancement Shop in Zelda eras / Season, unlock that final dance transformation in Shantae and accessibility the ban off added levels in Wendy: Every Witch Way.

To carry out this girlfriend will should patch your video game using something prefer LunarIPS, you re welcome let me recognize if you would favor to compose a guide on exactly how to perform this. The ideal place for all rom hacking is

You can discover the patch because that each video game here: –

Zelda Oracle of ages GBA Patch

Zelda Oracle of seasons GBA Patch

Shantae pressure GBA Patch

Wendy: Every Witch method Force GBA Patch

As well as unlocking extr game historicsweetsballroom.comntent, these patches will also include the practice palettes provided for the GBA variation which space brighter and much more vibrant.

Using a tool favor the GBxCart RW, girlfriend historicsweetsballroom.comuld then write this job ROM earlier to a flash cart to beat on a real game Boy historicsweetsballroom.comlor, this updated palettes look great with a backlit video game Boy historicsweetsballroom.comlor.

Another alternative would be play your spot ROM on DE-10 Nano board running pops FPGA. Mr is a great project for any kind of retro video game enthusiast to obtain into. Pops will permit you come play the game at pretty much 100% accuracy on your TV and Game boy historicsweetsballroom.comlor integer scaled v MiSTer look at amazing!

One last technique to beat GBA intensified GBC gamings would it is in via emulators. Most video game Boy historicsweetsballroom.comlor emulators will certainly play games solely in game Boy historicsweetsballroom.comlor mode, so no enhancements. Luckily for us, we have the right to either spot the ROM like above or use the emulator lr-mgba. Through lr-mgba you have actually the choice to adjust the design you’re emulating, so collection GBA and also you will acquire the enhancements.

As much as ns know, there room only four games the were made to have actually enhancements once played with a game Boy Advance.

Nintendo’s handhelds later had a function where girlfriend historicsweetsballroom.comuld insert your GBA game into the Nintendo DS to unlock specific items in-game, i beg your pardon feels somewhat reminiscent that the old amplified GBC games. WarioWare let you unlock a unique video in the DS variation and development Wars twin Strike had extr wallpapers from every respective video game you inserted, breakthrough Wars or advancement Wars 2.

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If over there are any kind of other enhanced games out there, please be sure to permit me know. This quirky attribute is emblematic that a strange period in gaming history, the gap between generations and I think it’s quite interesting.