Squirting is just exceptionally cool, there"s no 2 ways about it. There"s long been a debate around whether it in reality can take place (it can, duh) and whether the fluid that"s expelled is to pee (it"s not, duh again).

Some women and also people with vaginas that squirt throughout sex might feeling embarrassed about it, however they shouldn"t due to the fact that it"s entirely normal. For this reason here"s 8 men to explain why the majorly turns them on as soon as women squirt. PS. Don"t view that as pressure to acquire squirting - no every body is qualified so don"t stress.

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1. "I love it! my GF squirts virtually every time she cums and she claims it provides her a much an ext intense orgasm. It is also an extremely satisfying because that me to be able to please her choose that and also I enjoy the feeling of it once she squirts on mine while she is riding me. I have actually never construed why this bothers some men."

2. "Super fucking hot. It irritates me to hear around guys that think it"s gross. Why not simply go ahead and also close her eyes, wrap yourself up in a dry, sterilised bubble, and also stick your penis into a self-cleaning fleshlight? If sex isn"t messy, you"re not doing it right."

3. "Happened to me ONCE. I never ever liked that in pornos however sweet fucking christ almighty, when a chick in reality comes on friend it is the greatest turn on."

4. " at sight hot. It simply confirms that you got her off, and the persons I have made squirt always convulse lots throughout the plot which is likewise a revolve on."

5. "Yeaaa, once eating a girl out and working the G-spot with the fingers and the clit v the tongue, and then feeling her vagina clamp under on your fingers and every one of a suddenly a sirloin of liquid spews the end from about your fingers and the girl proceeds to scream/squeeze your head v her thighs/and then begin yelling, "fuck me"... yeah that shit is awesome."

6. "Happened to the girl i was with reasonably often. She described it as the "incident" and also she to be kinda embarrassed about it, however I just thought it to be hot!"


7. "My girlfriend and also I hadn"t to be able to perform anything much more than a few quick kisses for around three weeks. This Sunday we finally got the opportunity to it is in alone, and it was amazing. We did the for two hours. We tried a lot of of brand-new things and did our first real dirty talk. The turned united state both on tremendously. She finished up squirting because that the first time while ns was going down on her. That was extremely hot."

8. "I was date a girl around eight months ago. Connection was type of new, and we were discussing various sexual stuff. I was telling her around how I assumed squirting to be odd come me and also that I believed it was piss and not... Everything it is... We then had actually sex and she squirted (not 10 minute later). I was weird around it before, then it happened and also it to be kinda awesome.

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It"s likewise NOT piss..."


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