Note from The Maven: as you’ve most likely noticed, Cal State Fullerton journalism college student Dhawani Parekh has pitched in to help write story for the rapid Food Maven blog. Together it transforms out, Dhawani (pronounced dwe-nee & rhymes through teeny) is a vegetarian.

When I first learned this, I need to admit i was a little bit distraught: “She must not eat fast food.”

But, as it turns out, Dhawani has plenty of veggie fast-food tips up her sleeve.

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“Being a vegetarian, ns know exactly how frustrating the gets as soon as you desire to eat out yet do not really have options,” she said.

I inquiry Dhawani to provide us some tips on how she order veggie meals at renowned fast-food chains. Here’s what she had to say:

Veggie Fast-Food Choices:

1. In-N-Out: stimulate the chain’s “Animal style Cheese Burger without meat” and “Animal layout Fries.” In the burger, you will gain tomato, lettuce, onion, pickle and also spread. Top top the fries, you get melted cheese, through grilled onions and also spread. (Note: An animal Style burgess is component of In-N-Out’s renowned ‘secret’ menu, which can be uncovered here.)

*Also, their cheese contains pet rennet, which is enzymes derived from the pets stomach and is used often to do cheese.

2. Taco Bell: The key thing: Taco Bell’s beans room not fried in lard. Therefore, you can basically instead of beans for beef on any type of protein dish. Because that instance, girlfriend can acquire Baja chalupa, the mexico pizza, the Nachos supreme or the Crunchwrap Supreme v beans rather of beef. Friend can additionally get the classic seven-layer burrito or cheese quesadilla.

*NOTE: Taco Bell’s sour cream does contain gelatin. Gelatin is a protein that is extract from bones, skins, tendons of animals.

3. Del Taco: Del Taco’s beans space slow-cooked, and not fried in lard. Prefer Taco Bell, you have the right to substitute beef items with beans. Because that instance, I prefer to stimulate the classic taco with beans or the deluxe taco salad v beans. Various other choices: cheddar quesadillas or the spicy jack quesadillas. Also you can never walk wrong with the veggie works burrito, which comes with slow-cooked beans, rice, guacamole, red sauce, tomatoes, lettuce, tart cream and cheddar cheese.

Chipotle - Veggie Salad

4. Chipotle: They have black beans, i beg your pardon are entirely vegetarian. Friend can obtain the veggie burrito, veggie salad or the veggie burrito bowl. Chipotle customizes every order so you can pick and also choose any items girlfriend want. They have actually plenty of non-meat options such as: black beans, cilantro-lime rice, lettuce, fajita vegetables, guacamole, four types of salsa, cheese and sour cream.

5. Subway: at Subway, i usually get the Veggie Delite v a bag of chips and a drink, which fills me up for a good pair hours. Friend can additionally get the Veggie Delite Salad. You have your selection of bread, cheese and the different vegetables. As for dressings, I would recommend having actually mustard, oil, pepper, salt and also vinegar. For much more flavoring, you have the right to also include the Southwest chipotle dressing.

6. Quiznos: I acquire the Veggie Sub. Favor Subway, girlfriend can choose from a variety of veggie toppings.

Final thoughts: These space only couple of fast-food places that I prefer going to since they have an excellent veggie options. But I bet there are more fast-food restaurants ready to create a new veggie item for you. Every you have to do is ask. If you understand of any kind of to add to this list, compose in and also let us know: wherein you go, what girlfriend order and what it contains.

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Next up: A closer look in ~ sit-down restaurants the cater to veggies. If friend have any type of suggestions, write in and let us know.