They speak imitation is the sincerest kind of flattery, and also there’s a factor why UGG space the most imitated boots in the world. You’re never too much away native this above style, specifically in autumn and winter, aka UGG season. The cosiest boots you will do it own and a format that so plenty of cannot it is in without, we’re large fans that the fluff. To assist you out once it involves purchasing your very first pair or sprucing up her old faithful, inspect out our UGG buyer’s overview with advice ~ above sizing, fit and also care.

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# 1 what’s the history of UGG?

Kicking off our UGG buyer’s guide, we’re acquisition it back to the beginning. UGG was started in 1978 in the many unlikely place; southern California. Founded by Australian surfer Brian Smith and his girlfriend Doug Jenson, the pair merged a love for Australian craftsmanship and also sheepskin, v the tranquil easy-going Cali attitude. When the boots got popularity in ~ the surfer community of California in ~ first, they were quickly picked increase by athletes in the winter Olympics and also then by us, recognize their way into our continuous winter wear.

Over the years they’ve to be loved by the stars, consisting of Oprah Winfrey, Blake Lively, Alexa Chung and even Leonardo DiCaprio. They’ve also been featured in Vogue, go runways at brand-new York Fashion Week and also done collabs with designers like Jimmy Choo and Swarovski. So your cosy boots have actually a high fashion history.

#2 What are UGGs made of?

The standard UGG boots room made of grade A Twinface sheepskin v a lining made of organic wool woven right into a durable backing for that signature fluffy inner. The sole of UGGs is their signature treadlite single which offers extra cushioning and also traction top top wet surfaces, perfect because that cold winter mornings. 

The top quality of their sheepskin is really what renders UGG special. The goes through comprehensive checking come ensure the quality, requiring a ‘stand up’ thickness roughly the whole piece come ensure durability and also a luxury feel. All at once the sheepskin is checked six times during the process so just the highest possible quality material renders the cut.

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#3 how do UGG get their sheepskin?

UGG never use sheepskin from sheep reared specifically for their skin. Just working with farmers the comply through their animal welfare policies that prevent pet abuse, cruelty and also unethical sourcing, UGG only uses the sheepskin that sheep increased within the meat industry. This means that the sheepskin becomes a by-product, help to border their affect on the setting through overabundance in the animal farming industry. Come ensure this, castle only source sheepskin from pick tanneries in Australia, united States, Ireland, UK and also Spain therefore they can trace their product and also be sure of the ethics.

#4 What dimension UGG boots have to I get?

One that the most well-known questions asked when it pertains to UGG is what size must I buy? The composition, shape and style deserve to make it tricky to decipher, so an easy size overview was an essential for our UGG buyer’s guide.

Men’s Sizes

UKEuropeUSJapanChinaCMEuro size on Box

Women’s Sizes

UKEuropeUSJapanChinaCMUK size on Box

#5 execute UGGs right true to size?

UGGs usually fit true come size. However, you want your new UGGs to be snug. Overtime the inner with start to flatten and mould to your foot making castle a small roomier, so your fresh UGGs need to be chop to the foot to account for this.

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The best means to examine your size is to measure up them! was standing on a piece of record straight versus a wall. Gain someone to note the top of her top and also the ago of her heel and then measure up the distance in between these two points. This is walking to provide you a far much more precise and accurate measurement!

#6 execute UGG have actually a youngsters range?

Yes! The UGG kids selection is at sight popular, supplying your mini-me of all the most well-known styles.

Kids 3.5 – 12 years

3.5 – 4 years927.5101717017
4 – 4.5 years1028.5111818018
4.5 – 5 years1130121919019
5 – 6 years1231132020020
6 – 7 years1332.512121021
7 – 8 years133.522222022
8 – 9 years23532323023
9 – 10 years33642424024
10 – 11 years43752525025
11 – 12 years53862626026

 Toddlers 2 – 5 years

12 – 18 months3.519.5411.511511.5
18 – 24 months4.5 – 521 – 225 – 612.5 – 13.5125 -13512.5 – 13.5
2 – 2.5 years623.5714.514514
2.5 – 3 years72581515015
3 – 3.5 years82691616016
3.5 – 4 years927.5101717017
4 – 4.5 years1028.51117.517518
4.5 – 5 years11301218.518519

Baby 0 – 24 months

0 – 3 months0.5160/19909.0XS
0 – 3 months01519908.5XS
3 – 6 months1172101009.5XS
3 – 6 months2182/31111010.5S
6 – 12 months2.518.531111010.5S
6 – 12 months318.53/41111010.5S
12 – 18 months3.519.5411.511511.5M
12 – 18 months420.54/512.512512.5M
18 – 24 months4.521512.512512.5M
18 – 24 months623.56/713.514514.5L