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What fuse powers the washer pump ~ above a 2013 2500 mega cab. I don"t seem to be getting any type of power to the pump.

There is no fuse on that circuit. You need to examine the power and ground at the pump itself and also if both space good, change the pump.

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I just replaced my Windshield Washer Pump. That was fairly simple. The pump is located behind the vehicle drivers side headlight. There are U pipe Videos that show in information how to eliminate the headlight assembly. I purchased a factory pump in ~ the dealer because that $32.00. Location a bucket to record the washer fluid, near the within of the former tire. The pump is around 2" round and also attached to the washer fluid reservoir. Simply pull it up and out, the liquid will run into the bucket. You have the right to unplug the wire and the little hose and simply plug both into the new pump. Press it ago into the reservoir and also refill it. Change your headlight assembly and poof, you room on your method again. JH
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