We’ve all done it. You have too. Friend glance over at the clock simply as that strikes 11:11, friend close her eyes and also make a wish. You don’t also tell anyone what girlfriend wished for, because as you know, her wish climate wouldn’t come.

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Have you ever wondered why we do this? Have any type of of your wishes come true?


Why do We make 11:11 Wish?

There’s a the majority of speculation roughly the 11:11 wish factor. For most, that a fun moment of time we invest feeling nostalgic from our days of cram coins right into fountains and also believing in magic. For others, it’s simply a habit and also something they’ve constantly done. For a select few who recognize the definition behind 11:11, the a little window the opportunity based on numerology and old wisdom.

No issue which category you loss into, the still interesting to learn some the the background of 11:11. It’s vital to note there are many different theories surrounding the divinity and significance of the number 11. Today, we’ll take it a look in ~ the Numerology, Synchronicity, and even emotional reasons behind our society placing meaning on 11:11.


11:11 is far-ranging for numerologists and also spiritualists alike. Most notably, 11 is thought about a grasp number, which way out of all the number in the Universe, it’s among the three most powerful. The other two master numbers space 22 and also 33. As soon as you’re looking at 11:11 ~ above the clock, you’re in reality viewing the master number 11 and also the grasp number 22 at the same time. Think… (11 + 11 = 22!)

For numerologists, the number 11 signifies intuition and insight; the number 22 is recognized for growth and also productivity. Every is on one ample, substantial scale. Intuition and activity – the perfect mix to make any wish come true!

Bible Numerology

It’s amazing to note that the scriptures holds the number 11 come be viewed as chaos, disorder, and lawless. Some watch this as an unfavorable and others hold deeper definition to the 11:11 time stamp as a balance between great and evil.

Others argue the the Bible’s numerology is just saying the very same thing in a bit an ext of a dramatic, creatively written perspective. Basic Numerology hold 11 together being all about intuition. Intuition goes beyond laws, orders, and also organization. It’s raw, and it has its own power no matter what legislations are in place.

Synchronicity & Psychology

Positive Psychologists likewise have a take it on the significance of 11:11. While they to speak it’s not a magic moment for manifestation, it have the right to still count as a optimistic marker and also is connected to an inner psychic awareness once repeatedly noticed. Perhaps due to the fact that of the spiritual and also numerological mentions, also renowned psychologists like Carl Jung known the prestige of seeing 11:11 in a dream or in waking life. The coined the term “Synchronicity,” and also agrees the “Synchronicity is one ever current reality because that those who have actually eyes to see.”

Since us all agree 11:11 is for wishing those of us who are simply bursting at the appears to usage intuition or practice their manifesting, wish-making powers, it’s naturally something you expect to be on your radar. Together you know, the much more you are open to synchronicity, the more you will endure it. The psychological reward you acquire of see the number on the clock, save you coming ago for more. It’s funny to make wishes, so girlfriend subconsciously set yourself as much as make more.

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11:11 make a Wish

The following time you see 11:11 ~ above the clock and make that wish, remember, You’re utilizing a powerhouse that intuition and also building power. Through a tiny hard work, this twice-per-day wishes will soon end up being a reality. Also psychologists favor Carl Jung agree, yes sir magic in the occupational of synchronicity, and there’s nothing an ext serendipitous than making a great old-fashioned wish.