a vehicle speedometer actions speed, not velocity. You need to recognize the direction the automobile is traveling in stimulate to measure the velocity, and also a speedometer does no measure the direction that travel

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yes. Velocity is two parts (speed and direction). If direction different while rate is constant or vice versa, velocity will also vary. Ex: car going at consistent speed about a curve, or a carousel
no. Velocity is speed and also direction. Due to the fact that speed is a component of velocity, if its rate changes, velocity must additionally change. Ex: m/s
if one object has actually a greater speed 보다 a second object, walk the 1st necessarily have a higher acceleration?
no; acceleration is the rate of increase/decrease in the velocity of one object. An object as high velocity will have actually no acceleration if its velocity is no changing. Ex: baseball thrown right into the air
Compare the acceleration that a motorcycle that accelerates from 80 km/h to 90 km/h v the acceleration of a bike that accelerates from rest to 10 km/h in the same time
both the motorcycle and also the bicycle have the very same acceleration (10 km/h). The motorcycle"s higher speed is irrevelant
explain in detail the differences between distance and also displacement and how this terms are related to speed and velocity
-distance is the km or m traveled there is no regard to direction-displacement is the change in place of a body-speed: distance (total time, no direction)-velocity: adjust in place (delta x) in a offered direction/total time
Explain how the exact same trip, such as a 3 mi run from your front door to her front door might have an median speed but a zero typical velocity
speed might be constant but have actually a zero median velocity because there to be no change in position, the end point of the 3 mi run was the same position as the start suggest of that run
acceleration is the rate of readjust of velocityex: a vehicle going 15 m/s increases for 4 s and is currently at a new velocity of 20 m/s
change in position of a body. How much a body is native a starting point in a directly line in a offered direction. Used when calculating the velocity of a body




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