Ahhhh...American Eagle. Mid-2000’s mall Staple. Whereby else would certainly you go to acquire your preppy polos and also low climb jeans? and also while everyone approximately me (frankly, ns never lot cared because that the prepare look) to be proudly donning the substantial American Eagle logo design on your tees, it never occurred to me come ask: Is American Eagle Ethical? are they taking treatment of the planet and their workers?

While their styles may have readjusted over the years, it appears that their business practices, unfortunately, have pretty much stayed the same. Like countless popular quick fashion brands, American Eagle is responding to public push for an ext ethical and sustainable procedures by comes out v a tiny “sustainable” line, setup targets they space nowhere close to meeting, and issuing pass out statements around their appointment to ethics while still not paying a living fairy in their supply chain.

We applaud any tiny changes in the appropriate direction, however we tho think we can all do better! and with so many brands the end there that are way above board once it concerns their human rights and environmental ethics, why settle? for stylish and also sustainable options to American Eagle, examine out historicsweetsballroom.com authorized brands like...



For those easy-breasy, comfy-casual vibes, you can’t do much better than Toad&Co! As makers of trail-to-tavern eco-conscious casualwear, Toad&Co has lived your mission come live well, do good for 20 years. V a wide range of fun, well-designed apparel for women and men, these products are functional and also comfortable, yet none of the comes in ~ the cost of style—or sustainability. They"re walking the extra mile to ensure principles in the clothes industry. From eco-friendly materials choose organic cotton, Tencel, and recycled fabrics, to reusable mailers, giving back 1% to the planet, and also repairing gently-used garments to be love again. 


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American Eagle has always been well-known for your jeans, but why not uncover some that perform a tiny more an excellent for the planet and also the human being in it? ÉTICA is Spanish because that "ethical," and this ethical, family-owned brand is cursed to do the most durable, high-quality denim the women deserve to wear for years to come. Compared to classic brands prefer AE, ÉTICA designs reduce water consumption by 90%, energy intake by 63%, and chemical consumption by 70%. And also on the world side of things, lock exceed fair trade standards, giving workers through living wages, wellness benefits, on-staff doctors, and totally free meals. Plus, they give earlier to assist with water cleanup, tree planting, and lots of other environmental causes! 

The great Tee

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It"s all in the name—good tees that do good! The good Tee was produced out the a desire to do things differently than fast fashion brands do. That means slower manufacturing schedules, moral working conditions, and fair salaries for everyone. They"re proud to sell certified fair trade and also organic cotton tees the are great for the planet and the world who make them. Through The good Tee, you’ll uncover affordable men"s, women"s, and also kids" size in comfy and classic styles. 

Synergy organic Clothing 

If you desire those standard men’s and women’s look at that room perennial favorites through AE, you might want to examine out synergy Organic Clothing! synergy effect believes that we look and also feel our ideal when we know our clothes was made with the highest possible social and also environmental standards. That"s why castle go over and beyond to make sure their clothes and also their brand space the many sustainable they have the right to possibly be—from their house base in Santa Cruz to your sewing centers in Nepal. Your organic cotton is GOTS certified, they use low affect dyes, their factories space Fair trade Certified, and also their entire firm is a B Corp. Every this attention they put right into their company way quality, stylish, ethical clothing that you"ll love!

Passion Lilie


For fun and funky looks with a an international impact, check out enthusiasm Lilie! your vintage and also retro men"s and also women"s styles are designed in new Orleans and handmade by females in India with cultural hand-block printing and hand-weaving techniques. The makers are every paid a living wage in a great work environment and take great pride in your craft. This designs are an excellent for the planet, too! every one of Passion Lilie"s pieces space vegan, non-toxic, and also made with green practices!

Mata Traders


Fashion your means to a far better world v Mata Traders! you bound come find comparable styles come AE, yet with a many heart behind them! Mata Traders is out to end worldwide poverty and also inspire consumers to change the fashion industry. Their colorful apparel and also accessories for women are made by artist in India and also Nepal that earn a fair wage for your work. With every purchase, you empower these female artisans with economic independence, assist them send their kids to school, lift up communities with jobs and healthcare, and also preserve ancient artisanal traditions.




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