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just how do you recognize if a man likes girlfriend or no you (dating, women)
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but seriously, just how do you recognize if a male likes you. man #1Okay, there"s this guy. I"m not really interested in him, but I simply want to understand if he"s interested. So you"re probaly wondering, if I"m no interested why perform I care? due to the fact that the method I watch it, based on the clues, he either likes me or he no me. It"s one or the other. And I"m just one of those human being who can"t stand human being disliking me!!! LOL. that never ever makes eye contact with me.He never ever before talks to me very first (but he talks to various other people). Therefore he"s no shy in general. But I do notification that the doesn"t speak that much to girls yet a many to other guys. So is the shy just with girls? however he still speak to various other girls a small at least. To me - none. Zero.When I try to talk to him, he only says quick answers and he like still doesn"t do eye contact even when I"m talking straight to him. And also I don"t even try to talk to that a lot of or anything. Just like sometimes. Okay favor I guess for me, ns make eye call with world I"m talk to since I assumed that was normal. Prefer if i say something to him, choose he sort of looks come the side. it s okay so I"m choose the "new girl". So everyone"s really friendly and accomodating and also stuff. But like he similar to never also amkes any kind of effort to it is in friends through me. He"s never said much more than a few words in ~ a time come me. When I an initial met him, his friends said "this is ". And he just nodded. Whenever i ask that questions, he simply answers choose the straightforward answers. I typical he"s polite and also nice however brief. However the never asks me any kind of questionws ago or elaborates on his answers. So, I"m simply like, whoa he one of two people thinks i"m choose a substantial freak that he no or he"s really shy come me since he likes me? what carry out you think? If that dislikes me, actually, that"s fine too. However I just want to know what"s true.