Jack to represent evil and also violence, the dark side of person nature. A former choirmaster and "head boy" at his school, he arrived on the island having actually experienced part success in exerting control over others by conquering the choir through his aggressive attitude. The is eager to do rules and punish those that break them, back he consistently breaks them himself when he requirements to further his own interests. His main interest is hunting, an undertaking that starts with the desire for meat and also builds to the overwhelming advice to master and also kill various other living creatures. Hunting develops the savagery that already ran close come his surface, making the "ape-like" as he prowls with the jungle. His domain is the emotions, which rule and also fuel his pet nature.

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The dispute on the island starts with Jack attempting to dominate the group rather than working through Ralph to benefit it. He generally impugns the power of the conch, declaring that the conch dominion does not matter on specific parts of the island. However he offers the conch come his benefit when possible, together as once he calls his very own assembly come impeach Ralph. For him, the conch represents the rules and also boundaries that have kept the from exhilaration on the impulses to dominate others. Their whole lives in the various other world, the boys had been moderated by rules set by society against physics aggression. On the island, however, the social air conditioning fades rapidly from Jack"s character. He conveniently loses attention in that world of politeness and boundaries, i beg your pardon is why that feels no compunction to store the fire walk or address any the the various other responsibilities for the betterment or survive of the group.

The dictator in Jack becomes leading in his personality throughout the panic over the beast sighting ~ above the mountain. In make the efforts to get Ralph impeached, he provides his rhetorical skills to twist Ralph"s words. In defense, he provides to the group a rationale that "He"d never have got us meat," asserting that hunting an abilities make because that an effective leader. Jack assigns a high value just to those that he finds advantageous or agreeable to his views and also looks to quiet those who execute not please him. Denouncing the rule of order, Jack declares, "We don"t need the conch any more. We understand who need to say things." that dictates come his hunters the they forget the beast and also that they stop having nightmares.

As Jack strives to develop his leadership, the takes top top the title of "chief" and reinforces the illusion of station and power by using the other boys ceremoniously as conventional bearers that raise their spears together and also announce "The Chief has actually spoken." This role is no game for him, though; by the night the Simon"s death, Jack has clearly gone power-mad, sitting at the pig roast on a huge log "painted and garlanded . . . Prefer an idol" while "

ower . . . Chattered in his ear like an ape." His people addresses him together "Chief," describe a form of more primitive defect leadership.

True to Piggy"s assertion that "It"s them that haven"t no typical sense that make trouble on this island," Jack take away an entirely different direction from logic or common sense. Probably acting the end of some guilt that is can not to acknowledge, Jack becomes paranoid and also begins feeding misinformation to his tribe, a common practice that dictatorships to control the collective thinking by regulating the information that is disseminated.

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Given the thrill the "irresponsible authority" he"s knowledgeable on the island, Jack"s return to human being is conflicted. When the naval officer asks that is in charge, Jack beginning to step forward to difficulty Ralph"s case of leadership yet is stopped possibly by the acknowledgment that now the old rules will be enforced.