her Nintendo DS Lite includes incorporated Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to attach it come a compatible wireless network. Connecting her Nintendo DS Lite come a network allows you come play online multiplayer games and browse the web using her console if you purchase a Nintendo DS web browser cartridge.

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Insert a video game cartridge through online attributes in the DS Lite"s cartridge slot and also switch on the console. You can develop whether a game is online-enabled indigenous the info on the video game box.

Tap the symbol for "Connection 1" on the touch screen, and then tap the huge "Search for an access Point" button. Wait while her DS searches for accessible wireless networks within signal range.

Tap the name of the network you wish to connect to. If the network is unsecured, madness "OK," complied with by "Save Settings" and also "Yes." If the network provides encryption, friend must get in the network password.

Enter the WEP key, or password, by tapping the characters on the key-board that appears on the touch screen. Madness "OK" when finished, followed by "Save Settings" and also "Yes."

Wait until the link test completes. If "successful" shows up on the screen in green, you space able to affix to the wireless network. If "unsuccessful" appears in red, tap the "Back" button and also check the setups you have entered.

Continue to play the inserted video game if friend wish. You have now enabled the digital features and also should be able to find other online players to compete with.

Power turn off the console to usage a various online-enabled video game cartridge or the DS Internet internet browser cartridge. The DS will automatically activate your conserved settings once you next use a cartridge through online capabilities.

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The DS Lite is not compatible through wireless networks using the newer WPA encryption technology. You will certainly not it is in able to connect to this networks uneven they room reconfigured to unsecured or WEP mode. No added equipment is required to play gamings online, yet the Nintendo Internet browser cartridge is crucial if you wish to browse the Web.
carry out not attempt to play digital DS games while on an aircraft, as using devices with Wi-Fi ability is prohibited due to the danger of interference through aircraft systems. Single-player gamings should not activate the Wi-Fi feature, but if in doubt, inspect with the cabin crew.

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