Click to see full answer. Similarly, you may ask, does house Depot gain paid every week?

Yes residence Depot pays every two weeks and also if you occupational holidays you will certainly receive paid time and a half.

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Likewise, how much walk OfficeMax pay an hour? Hourly pay in ~ Office Max, Inc. Ranges from an average the $8.41 to $17.55 an hour. Office Max, Inc. Employees v the task title Sales Consultant make the many with one average hourly rate of $10.77, if employees v the location Sales Consultant do the the very least with one average hourly price of $10.77.

Considering this, how much execute you gain paid at Office Depot?

mean Office Depot OfficeMax hourly pay ranges from roughly $9.07 every hour for Customer Service/Sales Representative come $30.00 every hour for an elderly Quality Analyst.

Does Office Depot do drug testing?

Yes all monitoring are drug tested.

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Is house Depot great to work for?

"Home depot is a good firm to work for." Good benefits, flexibility, neighborhood driven. Good holidays time once you have been v the company a while. Turnovers, complete timers need to work extra hard during off season due to the fact that of reduced hours of the part timers.
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How long does it take to acquire hired at residence Depot?

Applicants typically apply online, in-person or with a university, and also the hiring procedure usually takes two or more weeks. Interviews can be over the phone or on-site.
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What is home Depot rental process?

The Hiring Process because that Managers
Home Depot managerial job hopefuls challenge standardized interview processes, together well. A manager interview is composed of a phone interview and two to 3 rounds of interviews with store and district officials. In-store interviews take location in 1:1 or panel formats.
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Does house Depot have an excellent benefits?

Benefits. Home Depot supplies associates the possibility to choose plans and programs that accomplish individual and family requirements through Your total Value, The Home Depot"s benefits and also compensation programs. Advantage plans are easily accessible to part-time hourly, permanent hourly and salaried associates.
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Is your very first check a file check?

Yes your an initial check will be in paper form.
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Does residence Depot pay well?

The Home Depot Inc. Pays its employees an mean of $12.34 one hour. Hourly pay in ~ The Home Depot Inc. Employees with the task title person Resources (HR) Coordinator make the most with an median hourly rate of $19.03, if employees v the location Greeter do the least with an average hourly rate of $10.11.
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How long does it take to get very first paycheck?

Your First Paycheck. Normally you will certainly receive her first pay inspect three weeks after ~ you enter on duty. You will be payment bi-weekly (every 2 weeks) follow to the calendar of holidays and also pay periods.
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What do house Depot employees wear?

Casual. No uniforms to wear. Various other than no wearing flip flops. Plain collared shirt, apron, gloves, and also close-toad shoes.
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What is the starting pay at Office Depot?

Average Office Depot OfficeMax hourly pay varieties from roughly $9.07 per hour because that Lead Cashier come $17.78 every hour for Assistant save Manager. The average Office Depot OfficeMax salary arrays from about $17,544 every year for Cashier/Sales come $70,438 per year because that Merchandiser.
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Is Office Depot a great company to occupational for?

The happiest Office Depot employees room Transportation experts submitting an average rating the 4.9 and Account supervisors with a rating that 4.5. "A compelling ar to work, shop, and also invest, that takes treatment of business, while moving winning remedies that inspire work life!" "The company has actually a great vision."
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How lot does an office job pay?

They average $28,920 annually, or $13.90 per hour, through lows under $17,740 yearly, or $8.53 every hour, and highs above an annual $43,390, or $20.86 hourly. Lock handled assorted office work such together answering phones, filing records or running errands.
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What period does Office Depot hire?

at least 18 years old
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Who space Office Depot competitors?

Office Depot"s height competitors encompass Walmart, Amazon, ideal Buy, Staples, Costco and Sam"s Club. Office Depot is a provider of business services and supplies, commodities and modern technology solutions to small, medium and enterprise businesses.
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How old do you need to be to job-related at Office Max?

: 16 years old
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How much does a Staples employee make?

The average Staples salary ranges from around $18,000 every year for computer system Technician come $130,000 every year because that Information modern technology Manager. Average Staples hourly pay ranges from roughly $8.92 per hour for print Technician to $22.00 per hour for Purchasing Coordinator.
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How lot does a save manager do at Office Depot?

Average Office Depot OfficeMax Store Manager yearly pay in the United states is about $57,766, i beg your pardon is 29% over the national average.
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How much do Office Depot sales consultants make?

Average Office Depot OfficeMax Sales Consultant hourly salary in the United states is roughly $10.58, i beg your pardon is 15% below the national average.

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What period does best Buy hire at?

Minimum Age Requirement: Applicants should be at the very least 16 year of age. The enhanced age requirements allows all employee to job-related until save closing. Hrs of Operation: many Best Buy locations are open 10 a.m. Come 9 p.m. Monday v Thursday.
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Do you need to be 18 to job-related at Office Depot?

Facts about Working at Office Depot
Minimum period to Work at Office Depot: 16 years old (How old do friend have to it is in to work at Office Depot?)
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