Don Swayze is an American actor and stuntman. He is ideal known as the younger brother of Patrick Swayze, the Dirty dancing star. How successful is he? go he have actually children?


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How old is Don Swayze?

Donald to be born on 10 august 1958. As of 2020, that is 62 year old.

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Don Swayze siblings

The actor comes from a big family. He thrived up v two brothers, Sean (1962) and Patrick (1952 – 2009), and also two sisters – Vickie Lynn (1949 – 1994) and an adopted sister, Bambi.

Vicky Lynn passed far in 1994 from an overdose the painkillers.

Patrick developed an outstanding acting career. He became hugely well-known after the relax of the movie Dirty Dancing.

Two of Patrick Swayze siblings constructed a job in exhilaration – Bambi and Don.

Bambi showed up on Lethal Ninja, One critical Dance, searching for Dr. Seuss, and also Stompin' in ~ the Savoy.

What is known about Don’s career?

Patrick Swayze brother’s career

Don Swayze and also brother Patrick Swayze. Photo: Albert L. Ortega/WireImageSource: Getty Images

Don took inspiration from his mother, that was a choreographer, the attended many of her shows.


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Patrick had constantly been curious around acting. Thus, one day, the went on come take exhilaration lessons from The Beverly Hills Playhouse.

Following the footsteps of his brother, Don did the very same thing. Then, he began auditioning because that television.

While looking in ~ Patrick and Don Swayze young pictures, one can hardly miss out on noticing their likeness. Nonetheless, Don preferred to play much more violent characters than Patrick.

Thus, he played minor functions in Street Hawk, The autumn Guy, and Matlock (1989 episode, The Thoroughbred).

In 1989, he showed up as Nelson in control Force. Thereafter, he started to take it on slightly bigger roles in tv series. His acting skills had also improved substantially at that time.

In the so late 1980s, he play a supporting function in shy People.

In the early on 1990s, he played practically a dozen duties in Dragnet, leaf of Horror, Payback, The civilization According come Straw, death Ring, body of Influence, etc.


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His career additionally included one appearance as a guest gibbs in Columbo, Renegade, Murder, She Wrote, NYPD Blue, Walker, Texas Ranger, Profiler, etc.

In 1998, the Swayze brothers appeared on the letter from a Killer together: Patrick as race Darnell and his brother together a stuntman Moreover, in this movie, girlfriend can also see your brother Sean who briefly appeared as a driver.

As a result, Don received much more roles than ever before. In 2007, he acted in two episodes the the collection Criminal Minds.

In 2010, he play Gus in Season 3, episode 3, that True Blood (It harms Me Too). The very same year, he appeared in five episodes that The Young and the Restless together Shaw Roberts.

In 2012, that played roles in 2 westerns – Dark Canyon and also Heathens and Thieves. He likewise starred in the horror movies Lizzie and also The Appearing.


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In 2016, he showed up as Jim Mackey top top the an initial episode the the Netflix series Longmire and also in 2017, he joined the series General Hospital as Buzz.

In 2019, he appeared in in ~ the Leaves and also Blood Type.

Don Swayze movies and also TV shows

Shortly afterwards, his professionalism turned him into one that the most popular actors. Few of his most fascinating films and also TV mirrors include:

Movies1987 – W.A.R. Women against Rape1987 – shy People1989 – steering Force1989 – Trapper country War1991 – Payback1991 – sheet of Honor1993 – sex-related Malice1994 – Pontiac Moon2014 – The Appearing2019 – in ~ the Leaves2019 – Blood TypeTV series1981 – 1986 – The autumn Guy1985 – Street Hawk1986 – 1994 – L.A. Law1986 – 1995 – Matlock (episode The Thoroughbred)2007 – Criminal minds (episode 2)2010 – True Blood (episode it Hurst Me Too)2010 – The Young and the Restless2012 – 2017 – Longmire (the illustration in 2016)2017 – basic Hospital

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How tall is Don?

Don Swayze elevation is 6 feet; that is, 184 centimetres.

What is Don Swayze network worth?

Having functioned hard every these years, the actor has accumulated a fairly big fortune. As of today, he has actually a net worth the $5 million.

Don Swayze wife

Don has actually been married twice:

Marcia (actress). Lock tied the knot on 31 December 1985. Top top 8 April 1988, the couple welcomed a daughter, Danielle. In 1993, they divorced.
Don Swayze and wife Marcia Swayze attend the premiere of "Point Break" ~ above July 10, 1991 at Avco center Theater in Westwood, California. Photo: Ron Galella, Ltd./WireimageSource: Getty ImagesCharlene. The actor married for the 2nd time top top 26 June 2014. The wedding celebration took place in a personal church, with just family and close friends present.

In his spare time, Don Swayze likes to ride his mountain bike. That is likewise known as an avid skydiver diver. He has no official social media accounts.

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