YouTuber Ryan Higa remained in a connection with actress Arden Cho for almost 5 years. Higa announced the beginning and also the finish of his partnership in his YouTube videos.

Ryan Higa, who has been in the YouTube skit video game for over a decade, revealed his breakup through longtime girlfriend Arden Cho through a video on his YouTube dated March 15, 2020. Adhering to the breakup, the YouTuber was surrounded by cheating rumors which he shut under in his tweets.

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Revealing your Relationship

Their fans had shipped the YouTube sensation and also actress Cho after castle played each other’s love attention in Higa’s quick films, “Agents of an enig Stuff” in 2010. However, in in march 2019, Higa finally revealed that he had been date the actress for practically four years. In the video titled “Revealing my Not-So-Secret GF,” the YouTuber stated that the pair never intended to keep their connection a mystery but to be refraining indigenous making a public announcement. Higa began the video clip by apologizing to fans for not posting any type of content the week before. The YouTube sensation admitted the the reason for the missing post was his trip with his girlfriend, Cho, come L.A for Valentine’s day.In the video, Higa revealed he occurred feelings for the actress in 2015, after ~ their 2nd collaboration, and had to be together ever before since.

All an excellent Things pertained to An End

A year after his partnership announcement, the YouTube skit artist come forth with the news that the pair’s fallout. On march 15, 2020, Higa post a video clip titled “My Midlife Crisis,” whereby he confessed that the recently damaged up with his girlfriend of 5 years, actress Cho. The YouTuber, in the video, apologized come his fans for not being up to date with his content, and also that component of it had actually something to execute with his breakup. Higa common that return he wasn’t the type of human to talk about his relationships, plenty of of his fans had actually guessed his rest up by judging his society media. And also he just wanted to store his YouTube pan updated.The YouTuber disclosed it no a messy breakup in the video, yet rather it to be mutual.

Cheating Allegations

Following Higa"s video post, Cho had reportedly posted a cryptic post in she Instagram story that discussed that the YouTuber might have cheated top top her throughout their relationship.In her series of stories, Cho revealed she to be writing an additional sad song. The lyrics the she post in she story read;I hate you / and all her lies. Makes me great I might turn back the time / to a far better day prior to I dubbed you mine. Countless of Cho’s fans assumed the the track was specialized to Ryan.The YouTuber conveniently shut down the rumors with a Tweet wherein he confessed that he didn’t cheat on Cho.

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Idk who chose I was relevant sufficient to begin a rumor on, yet NO, i did not cheat ~ above Arden at any point throughout ours relationship. Sorry to spoil your quarantine boredom.