We"ve reached out to every the pond polish brands to lug you this post. The key thing I"d favor to point out is the Essie and OPI, 2 that the most renowned nail polishing brands, execute test on animals by selling in China. Sally Hansen is another culprit.

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Regardless, you"ll notice that over there is one overwhelming number of cruelty-free nail brands to choose from, so there"s no factor to have to support a brand that tests top top animals! The perform of cruelty-free pond brands contains China Glaze, Deborah Lippmann, LVX, Orly, and also Seche Vite.

I"ve included choices for every budget, from 99¢ drugstore assets to indie and high-end high-end polishes. Several of these brand are likewise 100% vegan, and also you"ll discover it plainly noted in the list as soon as this is the case.

Here"s summary of the guide:

The an initial section lists brand that do test ~ above animals. This list is no exhaustive.The following section lists the cruelty-free nail polish brands. Keep scrolling because that descriptions of every the brands, from the high-end brands to the budget ones. If the brands space 100% vegan, 5-free, or 7-free, it"s going to it is in noted.The 3rd section consists of brands that haven"t responded when we got to out come them.Finally, the last ar lists a few brands the did write back, however haven"t noted enough information.

Without further ado, here"s your overview to cruelty-free claws!

1. Nail Brands the Test on Animals


Cruelty-Free luxury Brands

These are several of the most renowned high-end and also salon brands accessible at Sephora, Ulta and also department stores.

1. Black|Up

black|Up is a French upscale beauty brand easily accessible at Sephora i beg your pardon is specialized to females of color. Their line of pond lacquers includes high-gloss nudes specially-designed because that darker skin tones, and some bright mister of color. The brand does not specify whether they space "5-Free" or not. Several of their assets contain non-vegan ingredients (beeswax, lanolin and/or carmine), therefore be certain to review the label if you are looking for a vegan-friendly product.

2. Butter London

Butter London is a popular polish brand available at Ulta and Nordstrom. They offer a relatively extensive shade an option and their formula is "8-Free", definition it does not contain Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, DBP, Toluene, Camphor, Ethyl Tosylamide, Xylene, or TPHP. The formula is no vegan together it includes hydrolyzed silk.

3. Ciaté London

Another London-based cosmetics company, Ciaté has a large shade selection with a selection of finishes. They likewise just released holographic gelatin polishes which look at stunning! their polishes are available at Sephora, Nordstrom and other department stores. Vegan-friendly assets are significant as such on your website.

4. Deborah Lippmann

Celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippmann"s heat of polishes are obtainable in loads of gorgeous shades and can be discovered at Sephora, Nordstrom, and also other department stores. Assorted celebrities have rocked she styles, from Lady Gaga to Julia Roberts. Deborah Lippmann polishes are likewise "7-Free" and vegan!

5. Ella + Mila

Ella + Mila release a new trendy arsenal of nail lacquers every couple of months obtainable at Ulta and online. They"re made in the USA The formula is also "7-Free" and vegan! Plus, their packaging attributes an beloved elephant, so what"s no to love?

6. Gabriel Cosmetics

Gabriel Cosmetics is a herbal luxury cosmetics brand accessible in stores like whole Foods and also online. Their core collection has a whopping 50 shades, and also they"re no all grey! The polishes space actually "10-Free", and every one of Gabriel"s products are 100% vegan!

7. Habit

Habit is the just nail polishing in the us that offers Myrrh, one extract that normally strengthens nails! In addition, they"re vegan and also "7-Free". Ns love the sleek bamboo overcap, i beg your pardon is not just stylish but likewise environmentally friendly, reduce the quantity of plastic used.

8. Julep

Julep"s trendy polishes are accessible via their Beauty crate subscription service as well as at Ulta stores. In addition, their polishes room "5-Free" and vegan, return not all of their products are vegan, as some include milk and beeswax, among other animal-derived ingredients.

9. Marc Jacobs Beauty

Marc Jacobs beauty is a luxury designer brand whose nail polishes are obtainable at Sephora and also online. Their polishes are distinct as they room formulated for extra high-shine. Few of their products may save ingredients prefer beeswax and also carmine, therefore they aren"t considered fully vegan.

10. Milk Makeup

Milk Makeup has a super fun revolutionary "Spray Nail" which allows you come literally spray on polish as if you were making use of a can of spray paint, then permit to dry and wash hands so the the polish just remains on her nails and not on her skin! They likewise have a clean polish and holographic sparkle polish, as well as a natural nail polishing remover.

11. Smith & Cult

Smith & Cult"s pond polish colors have actually extra shine and exceptionally smooth coats. They"re "8-Free" and also are accessible online and at room stores. I love their creative shade names and also descriptions, as well as their uniquely shaped packaging!

12. City Decay*

Urban Decay*"s cult standard polishes have actually been around since the 90"s, and also they"re obtainable online via city Decay, although many of the shades are frequently out the stock. Few of their shades may contain animal-derived ingredients choose carmine.

Cruelty-Free drugstore Brands

There are additionally tons of exorbitant affordable cruelty-free brands accessible at Ulta, Target, Walmart and also drugstores.

1. 100% Pure

I"m not certain whether I"d call 100% Pure a pharmacy brand, but it is a wonderful herbal brand which have the right to be found in part Walgreens stores and also online! Their nail polishes are "10-Free" and all vegan! few of their other products may contain beeswax and also honey.

2. China Glaze

Available in ~ Ulta, drugstores and in most nail salons, China Glaze is a good cruelty-free staple as soon as the only other choices are Essie and OPI (both that which space NOT cruelty-free). Castle offer tons of funny colors and the formula is durable.

3. E.l.f.

e.l.f."s pond polishes room a at sight affordable option and also are obtainable at drugstores and also online. Your formula is made for rapid drying and is infused with Vitamin E for pond strength. In addition, your polishes room vegan!

4. Essence

Essence renders fun and trendy pond polishes in a range of lines, consisting of "The Gel", "Secret Stories", "Colour Boost" and also "Out the Space". Your polishes are obtainable at Ulta and drugstores, and everything is at sight affordable.


GOSH is an exceptional European cosmetics brand, and also their nail lacquers have actually gorgeous interlocutor shades. Their assets are easily accessible at a range of drugstores worldwide. Follow to their website list, all of their nail lacquers space vegan as well!

6. Tough Candy

Hard liquid is a super cool cult favorite with fun colors, and also they"ve been roughly since the 90"s. Few of their pond polish bottles still come with awesome collectible rings! Their commodities are currently easily accessible at Walmart and online.

7. Jordana

Kokie is an exciting brand-new cruelty-free brand obtainable at Walmart. Their nail polishes save on computer a stylish array of colors, and I for sure love the cute elephant on your packaging. Their commodities are also obtainable at a grasp of other drugstores.

9. L.A. Colors

L.A. Colors" shade Craze nail polishes come in a wide selection of shades, including some fun glitters and shimmers. Their assets are obtainable at Target, Walmart and also a number of drugstores, and online.

10. LOOK pond Color

LOOK Nail color is a sleek and trendy pond polish brand with high-quality pigments. Your polishes are accessible at Target and also online, and also most importantly, they room "8-Free" and also vegan!

11. Milani Cosmetics

Milani Cosmetics renders a chic however affordable color Statement nail Lacquer, i beg your pardon is available at drugstores and also online. Their shades carry out contain guanine, which have the right to be an animal-derived ingredient.

12. Orly

Orly is a exorbitant cruelty-free brand with several nostalgic LA-themed collections. Their pond polishes are easily accessible at Ulta, Target, Walmart and online. Plus, Orly"s polishes are "12-Free" and vegan!

13. Pacifica

Pacifica is one my favorite beauty brands, and also they offer a diverse selection of pond polishes. They are accessible at Target and also online, and also their products are "7-Free" and 100% vegan.

14. Pixi

Pixi is a savvy, trendy brand whose nail polishes contain built-in UV protection, i beg your pardon is a cool function for the summer. Their pond Colour arsenal is easily accessible at Target and also online.

15. Prestige Cosmetics

Prestige Cosmetics is one Italian-founded beauty beauty brand. Your Wonder Gloss pond Lacquer is vitamin-enriched and, well, glossy. Their commodities are easily accessible at drugstores and also online.

16. Seche Vite

Available in ~ Ulta, drugstores and also online, Seche Vite is the ideal cruelty-free peak coat on the market! it is supervisor glossy and definitely prolongs the wear the a manicure. The is quite smelly though, so ns recommend utilizing it in a well ventilated area.

17. Sonia Kashuk

Sonia Kashuk is a cruelty-free brand owned by Target accessible through their stores or online. Your high-shine and chip-resistant polishes are really affordable and come in plenty of fun colors, and they often come out with limited edition collections.

18. TheBalm

theBalm is a at sight stylish cosmetics brand with a vintage appeal. Its hot Ticket pond Polish heat is easily accessible at Walgreens and also online. I love their unique color names, favor "Girls just Wanna have actually Plum" and also "Orange You glad You"re no Blue".

19. Wet n Wild

Update: Wet n Wild is no longer cruelty-free as of 2019.

Wet n Wild is by far the many affordable option out there, and it"s obtainable at many drugstores and also online. It actually released in 1979 through their pond polish line and is still among their optimal sellers. They have posted a list of shades (and various other products) that room vegan on your website FAQ section.

20. Zoya

Zoya is a stylish cruelty-free brand whose assets are available at Ulta, Walmart and also online. Their nail polishes are "5-Free". I love utilizing their nail polish remover in particular!

21. Jolie Vegan

Jolie vegetable is a 10-free pond polish brand, which means you won"t find any harsh chemicals in your products. They"re likewise 100% vegan, plus castle give ago to mental health and wellness causes!

Cruelty-Free live independence Brands

And the course, we cannot forget the multitude of exceptional independent and also indie brands, numerous of i m sorry are also 100% vegan!

1. A.Dorn

A.Dorn is a cute cruelty-free pond polish brand the is "4-Free" and also 100% vegan. A couple of of their shades deserve to still be uncovered on Amazon.

2. Beauty without Cruelty

As every its namesake, Beauty without Cruelty is an great cosmetics brand the doesn"t test on animals. Their attitude Nail colour line, together with all of their products, is 100% vegan!

3. Color Club

Color club is a nail brand that specializes not only in polish, but likewise nail art and gel. They routinely come out with plenty of fun collections prefer Pop Wash and also Nailmoji Neon. Plus, they"re owned and also operated through women, and also they support female empowerment through contributions come a number of charities.

4. Colourpop

Colourpop just launched their new nail polish line, and they are SO pretty! They"re the perfect addition to their exceptional aesthetic. In addition, your polishes space "7-Free" and vegan.

5. Deco Miami

Deco Miami is a fun, Florida-inspired cruelty-free pond brand. Their pond lacquers are made in the USA, and being "8-Free" and also 100% vegan. I think their packaging is really cute!

6. Fairypants

Fairypants is a UK-based cosmetics brand with compassionate assets including one adorable nail varnish line. They are "5-Free" and also their commodities are proudly vegan.

7. Furless Cosmetics

Known for your vegan and cruelty-free brushes, Furless Cosmetics additionally makes their own nail polishes! Their an easy but elegant heat of nail lacquers room "4-Free", and their commodities are 100% vegan.

8. Kester Black

Kester black is a distinct beauty and body care brand indigenous Australia. They room committed to ecological sustainability and supporting regional charities. Their pond polish heat is "10-Free" and also vegan!

9. Lauren B. Beauty

Lauren B. Beauty beauty is an exciting brand providing nail care and nail polish products. Lock strongly support the environment and also the empowerment of females in business. In addition, their polish is "5-Free" and vegan.

10. LVX

LVX"s nail lacquers are motivated by runway look at from peak fashion designers. They also collaborate with designers for Fashion week runway presentations. Your gel-like formula is really good for much longer wear, and they"re also "7-Free" and also 100% vegan.

11. Manic Panic

The renowned makers the vegan and also cruelty-free hair dye also have their own line of funny nail polishes. Your line, title Claw Colors, is additionally vegan (as expected)!

12. Mineral Fusion

Mineral fusion is a health-focused brand whose mission is to incorporate minerals and also botanicals into the beauty, beauty routine. Their pond polish line is "5-Free" and also vegan.

13. NCLA

NCLA is a super popular option not only for polishing but likewise for awesome nail wraps. Every one of their pond polishes room made in California, "7-Free" and also 100% vegan!

14. No Miss

No miss Cosmetics is a growing beauty brand providing an eclectic it is provided of pond polishes and also other products. Many of your polishes, consisting of their One-Coat Polish, space "4-Free", although their Glitter polishing is not.

15. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

One of my favorite cruelty-free assembly brands, OCC has actually so many fun and also unique polish colors. I always stock up as soon as they have actually a good sale going on. They room "5-Free" and also everything in the line is 100% vegan!

16. Oh TIFF!

OH TIFF! is a style-setting cruelty-free nail polish brand native Texas. Their pond lacquers come in a selection of classy colors and are "5-Free" and also vegan.

17. Oribe

Oribe"s Lacquer High Shine pond Polish invokes imperial grandeur with its decorated packaging and refined style. Your polishes are designed for longer wear and also are "8-Free".

18. Palate Polish

Palate polishing is a small-batch pond polish brand whose products are "5-Free" and vegan. I love that the name of each polishing is influenced by a similarly-colored food item!

19. Piggy Paint

Piggy repaint is an beloved vegan pond polish created kids. That is water-based ingredients space odorless, biodegradable and also vegan. As they space meant for kids of every ages, they claim to be not only "10-Free", but "Everything-Free"!

20. Play Love Laugh (Hugo Naturals)

Play Love Laugh (Hugo Naturals) is one more child-friendly nail polish brand indigenous Hugo Naturals. Their polishes space made from fruits and also vegetables and also claim to be "5-Free" however also cost-free from any kind of toxins or carcinogens.

21. Quite Serious

Pretty serious is one Australian beauty beauty brand that makes cruelty-free nail polishes. They come in a variety of funny shades and are an extremely affordable.


PRITI NYC is a trendy cruelty-free brand that works with designers for Fashion week runway projects. Their pond polishes room "7-Free" and also vegan. They routinely come out with new seasonal collections as well!

23. Pure Anada

Pure Anada is a Canadian beauty beauty brand whose Glamour Polishes are made to be long-lasting and also are "5-Free". Their nail polishes don"t contain any type of animal-derived ingredients and also are as such vegan.

24. RMS Beauty

RMS Beauty"s nail polish line is inspired by their famed Living Luminizer (a facial care product), adding a healthy sheen come the nails. Their polishes room "6-Free" and also vegan!

25. SOPHi

SOPHi, the brand that makes Piggy Paint, now additionally makes a much more sophisticated polish for adult (by famous demand)! like the children"s version, this polishes are "more 보다 5-Free", odorless and also vegan.

26. SpaRitual

SpaRitual is a zen-inspired nail lacquer brand whose polishes come in a selection of peaceful, brand-new Age colors. In addition, they are "5-Free" and vegan.

27. Stylush

Stylush is a cruelty-free eco- and health-conscious pond lacquer brand with numerous unique color collections. Their polishes space "10-Free" and vegan. Plus, they run a vegetable blog v awesome recipes and also lifestyle tips!

28. Sugarloom Cosmetics

Sugarloom Cosmetics is a cruelty-free pond polish brand the takes its motivation from nature. Their modern-day collections have variety of vivid thematic colors. In addition, their polishes space "5-Free" and also vegan.

29. Sugarpill

Sugarpill is recognized for their vibrant eyeshadows and fun lipsticks, and they also have a unique choice of vegetables "5-Free" glittery nail polishes. Their aesthetic is for this reason fun!

30. Trust money Beauty

Probably mine favorite pond polish brand of every time, Trust fund Beauty to know what they"re doing. I love your formula and color selection, and their shade names can"t be beat. In addition to being super pigmented and long lasting, your formula is likewise "7-Free", and every one of their products are 100% vegan!

3. Brands v No Response

I"ve also contacted the complying with companies, however haven"t heard ago from them. This doesn"t average that these companies test on animals. However, it"s regularly a red flag once a firm refuses to share their pet testing policy.

Brands will certainly be moved from this list to the suitable list as soon as I hear earlier from them.

1143 Nails2B ColoursAuthority CosmeticsChrome Girl NailsCNDContextCôteCult CosmeticsDermelectDomani ColorEve SnowFaby pond PolishFingertip FetishFloss GlossGinger and LizJesse"s GirlKiara SkyLa Couleur CoutureLillian EveMisaModel"s OwnMorgan TaylornubarNYC*Perfect FormulapiCture pOlishPop BeautyPretty VulgarPure IceRainbow HoneyRed CarpetRGB CosmeticsSoulstice SpaTenOverTenTopshopUOwHetWhim

4. Brands with Unclear Policies

There room some service providers that refuse to offer us their full pet testing plans or stay vague around some aspects. I couldn’t trust these brands as being completely cruelty-free, so right here they are, along with the explanation.

1. Dazzle Dry

They could not confirm whether their ingredient carriers test on animals.

2. Pond Inc.

They also could no confirm the status of your ingredient suppliers.

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